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And the heat’s on

For the past couple of weeks, it’s been cool and overcast in LA, which is always something I enjoy knowing that once it really gets hot I’m going to broil straight through until Thanksgiving.

Each day that I’m not sweating profusely is a meteorological special happy place.

Since I haven’t worked so far this week, I’ve been out on the bike every day enjoying the mist and the cool air (and not using overpriced gasoline, which is always good).

Well, that’s going away now. The cool days are becoming fewer, the hot days are becoming more frequent and the news is predicting record heat over the weekend (and issuing warnings about heat stroke and general sweatiness). It’s easily 20 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday and going to get even hotter, which I’m predicting my tomatoes will not like one little bit.

I’ve already lost two to my garden’s soil borne tomato wilt (also known as “creeping crud”, “icky” and “goddammit”) – one of the two Marvel Stripe plants I had and sadly, my only Jetsetter (the perfect food porn tomato – perfectly round, perfectly red, perfectly tomato-y, perfectly hard to find. Oh, well. Maybe next year), and I’m desperately hoping the extreme temperature shift won’t finish off the rest of them.

I’m also not sure if I should call the diet a success or failure so far. I’ve only lost 5 lbs (target was 10), but my body fat percentage has gone from 26% to 22%.

I don’t think that muscle weight is any better for my knees than fat weight, so I may have to re-think my strategy of hell-bent weightlifting until I can grate cheese on my abs.

Guess I’ll sweat some of it off this weekend by just going outside.  Although if bits of Southern California keep catching fire I may have to stay indoors.

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6 Responses

  1. scotsirishgirl says:

    I swear by Pilates. Seriously. Long, lean muscle…higher metabolism…helps get rid of fat…unfortunately, it takes a bit of self discipline (I’m working on that, myself).

    Agree with you on the passing of the cooler weather. I’ll miss it.

    But, hey! Perfect weather for bicycling to work is here! Gotta love that!

  2. jesse says:

    Hi sweetie!
    Ah the coming heat, you know its hot when you can see your sweat coming through the backhand side of your leather gloves.
    I have to revert to my “Movie Calendar” in my head to try and figure out when I saw you last. Was it on “Lions for Lambs”, “Hancock” ?
    You came to the truck wearing a straw hat and looked rather striking.
    Anyway, yes, this summer I have no doubt that all ext. location shots will feel like we are at the river Styx. I got a taste of heat the other day…..
    Sometime past midnight a few years back there must have been a cosmic shift which has caused this New Generation of Production Staff to come to the conclusion that in order to rig a set you don’t need crew or time.
    It wasn’t a large set, a modest home in E. Pasadena just off Rosemead heading S. But like you have said in the past “looks are deceiving.”
    You know the early morning drill when you go into neighborhoods that have strict filming codes…. “You drive back and forth looking for the address all the while thinking you might have brought attention to yourself which might cause some paranoid resident to call the Pasadena Police who like to be very ah, harsh…..?”
    Finally the location manager drives up and starts rounding us up like lost children and escorting us to a predetermined parking location far, far away.
    I’m singing to the choir here so I’ll sum it up. By the end of the day It was hot enough to make filling out your paperwork a challenge and oh yeah guess who the setup was for !?….Michael Bay.
    The Devil Himself.
    It made the day feel even heavier knowing that.
    I had not worked for him in years (Thank you God). I knew Michael when he was just a young screaming, director on rock videos for Propaganda Prods. The last peel job we did for that sadist was a commercial in AZ. Jump on a plane, dump your bag at a hotel, drive to location, film for 24hrs., go back to hotel, pick up your bag, get on plane.
    During the final hour of filming Michael went into overdrive and started knocking over lamps because they were in the set, well yeah, “Lights are on the set because we need them to…….light the set!?” At the time my daughter was still a small child so I knew how to handle children and tantrums. I grabbed Michael by the shoulders, gave him a shake and told him to calm down and that we will move the lights for him. He rolled his eyes as though he had a mild stroke and glided off the set long enough for us to get our work done.
    I thought I had rid myself of his experience but as of yesterday I found out that I was wrong, so wrong.
    I wish you the stars (celestial type) and all good things come your way.
    See you on the set!

    Peggy sez: It was Hancock, and it was good to see you, too. I’m truly sorry you had to work for Michael Bay again. I do wish you’d shaken him harder when you had the chance.

  3. Charli says:

    Yes it’s hot, so hot, that I walked over to the pier and bought a snowcone, now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Peggy sez: It scares me when it’s even hot out by the coast.

  4. geekhiker says:

    Hope you weren’t too scared. I was out by the coast and it was brutal today. Even worse: the fire this week near Baldy canceled my planned hike. Fire season in May? Now that’s scary.

  5. nezza says:

    I can’t believe your doc wants you to lose weight. There’s not much of you as it is if I’m remembering right!
    Please say ‘hi’ to your insecty sounding friend. :)
    I miss LA.

  6. Charli says:

    Bought a lot of ice cream, I’m set for at least a couple of days.

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