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Friday Photo

Just because I didn’t want to leave you with a shitty post over the weekend, here’s some eye candy for the ladies (and some of the gents, too):

Happy Friday, ladies (and some of the gents)!

This was last night at the book release party for Taschen’s new coffee table book about penis. Yes, that’s right – an overpriced ‘art’ book about wang.

Since I have an overactive imagination, I’d pictured the book release party as being something right out of A Clockwork Orange – you know, giant penis sculptures, white foamy cocktails, etc.. The actual party was considerably less visually thrilling and more like every other book party I’ve been to. Crowded, hot, bar stocked with lukewarm chardonnay, but still fun.

I have to work all night tonight – at least I won’t be frying in the heat.

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3 Responses

  1. jesse says:

    Ah, Eye Ball cuff links and the Milko Bar!
    Mummy and the Bump De Umptey Fump!
    Hi Peg. Take a look at the time I sent this.
    The director on this thing well…….Let’s say we are making a lot of wang, dang! It all started yesterday at Culver Studio (As God is my witness, I never be hungry again!”) 9:30am.
    I can’t complain. Thank god for mental issues, bad dad’s & mummy’s!
    How can I send pics of my jungle to you?

    Peggy sez: All email can be sent to

  2. Gary says:

    Didn’t happen to work up on the Disney ranch in Newhall, did you? Just wondering, I was there doubling one of the actors in some reshoots…

    Peggy sez: Nope. I haven’t been up there in years.

  3. JCW says:

    From today’s Page Six:

    “BRETT Ratner was the biggest celebrity at the launch party for Taschen’s provocative page turner “The Big Penis Book.” A source told Page Six the Hollywood director showed up at LA venue Alpha and bought five copies, which he got signed by the cover model, porn star Chad Hunt. We’re told the party was full of “underwear-clad male waiters and porn stars” and that “Brett was eating it up!”

    Biggest celebrity my ass… obviously they didn’t know that you attended!

    Peggy sez: Awww… thanks! Glad I didn’t see Ratner. The temptation to kick him would have been too much for me. Don’t even get me started on how he treats the crews who work on his movies.

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