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How much has to happen before it’s officially a bad day?

My internet connection is like an indifferent lover – it dissapears for days at a time and despite my desperate pleas, doesn’t tell me where it’s gone, who it’s with or when it’s going to come back. I always swear I’m going to leave it for something more reliable, but I never do.

This latest outage was almost a full week, and service was just restored this evening. I think it’s the heat.

I’m just about ready to break up for good, though. There are some decent deals on other, more attentive companies offering faster and better connections. Now that I have internet again I can look around and see who’s offering what in my area.

Speaking of stuff that I just don’t need, this morning as I was on my way into work a guy cut me off on the freeway and I slammed on my brakes without bothering to slap my hand on top of my cup of coffee, which, of course, went flying and completely soaked the front of my car – most of the coffee fell into the center console, soaking the flotsam that happened to be living there (’cause I don’t clean out my car often enough) and my bluetooth headset ( I plugged it in to see if it’ll charge. Keep your fingers crossed).

When I got home tonight, I had to soak the entire front section of the carpet in cleaner and then wet vac the whole unhappy mess. I could still smell coffee afterwards, so I got the screw gun and removed the center console in order to spray underneath. I hope I got it all – it’s really unpleasant in there right now. I love coffee, so you’d think I’d be overjoyed to have my car reek of it. Not so much.

I also hurt my back at work today. This particular set has a super-shiny (and super-slippery) floor. While it would be nice if construction could wait to lay the floor until after we hang the lights, sometimes that’s just not possible, so we have to put layout board (which is a very thick cardboard) under the scissor lifts so the tires don’t mar the floor. Since we weren’t given enough board to be able to cover the entire floor, we weren’t able to tape the board down and we had to keep picking it up and moving it to where the lifts needed to go. In case you were wondering, thick cardboard laid down over a slick surface does not give the best footing in the world, so I slid a few times and now my back’s killing me.

I’m going to have to dig out the back belt just to get through the day at work tomorrow.

Aside from the lack of internet, the searing pain and the coffee soaked vehicle, this week hasn’t been too bad. I’ve had 7 am calls on a lot which is fairly close to my house, but I’ve had to be there by 6:15 as this particular lot has a trash truck which makes its rounds along the only drivable route from the ‘crew’ gate to the parking structure around 6:30 or 6:45. There’s no way around the trash truck and getting stuck behind it will result in being late to work despite being on the lot with plenty of time to park and walk to the stage.

Of course the parking structure has it’s own entrance, but only execs are allowed to use it. The rest of us have to come in the peon gate and drive across the lot to said structure while trying to outrun the delay causing trash truck. This has forced me to get to work very early, which means I’ve been able to sit on the tailgate while drinking my coffee and reading my paper before we’re called in, so I haven’t really minded.

I’ve also been working with some really wonderful people, so in that respect it’s been extra nice week.

Today I had a 6 am call and I would have been there around 5:45 but I had to stop and try to mop up spilled coffee, which, by the way, I didn’t cry over.

Oh, wait. That was milk. Never mind.

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6 Responses

  1. E. says:

    I was working up at NBC back when I was a PA and got cut off as I was coming out of the Starbucks on Alameda, sending four venti lattes flying all over my car. I hate to tell you this, but it smelled like coffee for like six months after that (although I did not soak and wet-vac the car, so hopefully that’ll help you out). Hope your back feels better!

  2. geekhiker says:

    Is it just me or are people around town driving particularly crazy lately? I nearly got hit by a guy in a Porsche a parking garage for a bookstore. I mean, seriously, what book could be that important? Heck, I almost followed him to his parking spot to ask him…

  3. Catherine says:

    You are a trooper, girl. I totally love that first sentence. Inspired, I tell you!

  4. Charli says:

    We called Time Warner today to debate why our bill is now $161 a month!!!! We have cable, internet and phone and were told it would cost $99. We’ve been here a year now and have seen it go steadily up each month. FORGET THIS! We’re going to cut off this service, get ATT, Verizon, shooot, give me a metal antennae and I’ll stick it up on top of the roof of our building. This is ridiculous!

    For the smell in your car, get something that is ‘citrus’ and that will soak up most of the smell. Don’t ask me why I had to learn this a time back ago…

  5. It’s not you, Geekhiker: it’s Them. The streets of LA are pedal-to-the-metal these days, and it’s starting to feel like a demolition derby out there. Makes me want to get the hell out of town — again…

  6. Libby says:

    Re: shaving the cat.

    If you have a vet, ask if they will do it for you. If you’re able to prove the cat’s fur tends to get tangled, then they can do a quick shave with the six technicians necessary to hold the cat down.

    Love the blog. First-time reader; soon to be a regular.

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