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Yup. It’s Monday.

It should have been such an easy, fun day.

We were on a familiar stage in a familiar set all day, and I was working with a group of guys that I really like and always enjoy being around.

The day started out just as I’d expected – nothing too complicated, no screaming, no chaos.

Then, about an hour before lunch, a chunk of one of my fillings fell out. I suppose I should mention that what fell out wasn’t a large chunk, but how big does it have to be?

I spent the rest of the day working with my jaw aching, as leaving was out of the question because it would have left us short-handed, I couldn’t get in to see the dentist today anyways and I was going to be just as uncomfortable at home as I was at work so I might as well just suck it up and collect some overtime.

Besides, asking to go home for any reason other than one’s own death (or projectile vomiting and then fainting) is considered bad form and can result in that particular best boy deciding that there will be no more callbacks for the drama queen.

After I figured out how to keep anything I ate or drank off the sore tooth (creative use of the tongue), it wasn’t so bad. Good thing I’d remembered to take my allergy medication in the morning, so I could breathe through my nose easily.

After we wrapped (after a much shorter day than any of us had anticipated), I headed straight home even though when I got up this morning I’d had every intention of going to swim after work.

Somehow swimming in a pool full of water with a broken filling just didn’t sound all that appealing, although I may as well have gone to the gym even if it was just to sit in the locker room and bash my head against the wall.

Traffic was a complete nightmare, which is unusual for a Monday night.  I got home about an hour after I left the lot (normal Monday night commute time is 30 minutes), walked in the door and took a pain pill, which helped a bit (it still hurts, I just don’t care).  I have an appointment at the dentist first thing in the morning so I won’t suffer for too long.

As long as I don’t eat, drink or breathe through my mouth.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that there’s enough tooth left to replace the filling and I don’t have to get a root canal.

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3 Responses

  1. getsheila says:

    Ugh. Toothaches are the worst.

    If you do have to get a root canal, ask them when you arrive if they are short handed that day. If so, RUN AWAY. Otherwise, you will be forced to stare at the ceiling for 20 minutes while the short-handed staff jump about from room to room trying to keep up. This will not be too bad until you realize they have left pin-like objects in the tooth opening “for measurement” so you cannot close your mouth without risk of impaling the top of your mouth while simultaneously driving the pins into your lower gum tissue.

    You can produce a lot of drool in 20 minutes.

  2. geekhiker says:

    Ouch! But on the plus side, if there’s not enough tooth, you’d probably just need a crown, not a root canal, so there’s that.

    And I’m genuinely surprised how many posts showed up in WP when I clicked on the “tooth” category…

  3. nezza says:

    Nasty! Hope the dental visit goes okay. Not the most pleasant of trips and – like getsheila says – mind how you go with the drool.

    (I’m currently on anti-biotics for a bacterial infection in my forehead. Yummy.)

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