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Saturday Photo

Above the dropped ceiling

I would have posted this on Friday, but I was completely wrecked after working all night Thursday night (and getting food poisoning from the catering truck. Again), so here it is a day late.

Shooting in office buildings means contending with dropped ceilings – most of the time they’re just a pain in the ass (and full of territorial spiders), but every once in a while some joker somewhere decides to be efficient and put fiberglass insulation above the panels.

You know, for extra points.

Unfortunately, that means that when we (or the building’s regular maintenance guys) have to get up above the panels for any reason (like to hang lights), we get a face full of fiberglass.

Have I mentioned that fiberglass insulation makes me itch like crazy? I don’t mean normal itching. I mean clawing at my skin until I bleed itching.  I kept having to abandon my co-worker while we were hanging lights to go to the ladies room and rinse off. Fortunately we were doing this near the end of the work day, so I didn’t have to itch for very long and I’m reasonably certain that my co-worker will eventually forgive me.

At least there’s no worry about asbestos in newer buildings.

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4 Responses

  1. jesse says:

    I rather crawl through the carcass of a dead cow than deal with those drop ceilings and those battens of fiberglass.
    Old trick on how to wash off fiberglass….. soap & “cold water” not “hot”. The hot water opens the pores and the fibers stick in. Yummy!
    Nice to see you and work with you again.

  2. geekhiker says:

    Fiberglass insulation… *shudder*

  3. Daisy says:

    Hey, if you do’n care about ripping out peach fuzz you can always carry around duct tape and pull the fibers off that way. It works pretty good if you don’t press down very hard.

  4. boskolives says:

    There’s an old trick for this; get a roll of gaffer tape (2″ seems to work best), paper tape might work but I have standing shoot to kill orders to my crew regarding anyone who leaves that crap on my sound cart. Anyway, press very lightly on the tape against your skin and then doing the “40 year old virgin” pull-it-off routine will yank that fiberglass stuff right out of your skin.

    If you happen to be of the hairy persuasion, you’ll have to weigh the brief pain of defoliation against the longer tormenting itch. I believe that going to get yourself a bikini waxing might require the same though pattern, but then the need for that’s never been in my job description…

    Jerry w.

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