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Happy holidays, everyone!

I’ll spend tomorrow crammed into an airplane being sneezed on by my seatmate, and will spend a few days listening to the same old stories and arguments that I’ve heard a hundred times before.

Also, my sister has informed me that it’s really, really cold where I’m going – which should be fun as I don’t own any clothing that’s suitable for weather hovering near 0 degrees since I live in Southern California.

Hope all of you have a very happy holiday, whichever one you celebrate.  I’ll be back on Saturday.

In the meantime,  enjoy this short video that’s been making the email rounds:

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5 Responses

  1. geekhiker says:

    Happy holidays to you as well! I hope you have a quiet, sleeping, non-snoring sleepmate on the plane. Stay warm and eat lots of food!

  2. Charli says:

    You have a solid Christmas feast, girl, and I pray no future strike next year.

  3. rickfle says:

    Just came back from Chicago. I don’t have the proper winter wardrobe either, but the one indispensable item, the one that will mitigate the lack of the others – gloves. ‘Nuff said. Still got sick, but I think it was the sneezing seatmate.

  4. dugsdale says:

    as one of your lurkers and never-miss readers, I’d just like to say thanks for your blog and your photos. I do a fair amount of SAG work in the NYC market and your blog has been incredibly educational. Love your location shots too. Keep it up! Merry [your holiday here] and a work-filled New Year for one and all!

  5. snowbrush says:

    After being sick AND having car trouble, I hope you AT LEAST weren’t sneezed on and didn’t freeze. Here’s to a better January!

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