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Tuesday photo

A day I never thought I'd live to see.

A day I honestly thought I’d never live to see.

I went downtown to watch the inauguration on LA Live’s giant televisions (the best use of the silly things) – and in the company of other people. For some reason, this just seemed like something that was too big to fit into my living room.

Everyone in the crowd was really happy and it was a good time even if the LA Live people cut off Elizabeth Alexander’s sound while some local lounge singer belted out “America the Beautiful”. Luckily, they cut him off so that we were able to hear the last half of her poem.

I’m glad I ventured out of the house, even if it meant missing The Daily Show and the (probably) hilarious live coverage.

So far, there’s no work this week. Which means that of course I got the urge to go pay my hairdresser (who I adore and would totally marry were he not gay) to cut off most of my hair.

My wallet’s a few dollars lighter, but so is my head.

Happy Inauguration Day.  Let’s all hope for good times to roll again soon.

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4 Responses

  1. Charli says:

    If I hear one more marching band, I swear I will jump into the Pacific ocean without clothes on (water is at 54F). I got a headache after about 15 minutes. I’m really not into brass instruments or drums at this time.

    And what the hey with that limo? Sad, when your new Pres can’t walk out cuz maybe there might be an attempt on his life, that’s ridiculous. I still remember the Clintons walking down, I also remember Bill yelling at his wife to get going – lol.

  2. stevie B says:

    Elizabeth’s poem was like finger nails on a chalk board. Bring on the marching bands!

  3. opus says:

    Charli the presidents have all had the armored car limos, nothing was being done special for Obama that wasn’t done for all the rest. The secret service didn’t want Clinton out of the limo either.
    As one of the evil republicans who didn’t vote for the current prez I found the coverage and slobbering over him way over the top. But I won’t take my comments beyond that.

  4. stevie B says:

    I with Opus. Enough with the coronation. Do Something!

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