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A side of the film industry most people never see.

But I waaaaaant to!

I thought I had a day of work today, but it got cancelled at the last minute – which is fine.

Okay, it’s not fine. I need the money and losing a day of work sucks ass, but since there’s no use crying over spilled milk I went to the chiropractor instead.

My plan was to get an adjustment, magically feel better and then spend the rainy afternoon swimming.

When I shared this plan with the doctor, he paused and said, “I don’t think you should go swimming today. I think you should go home, ice your hip and take it easy”

But… but it’s raining.

One of the few guilt-free pleasures in my life is swimming in the gym’s heated outdoor pool on a rainy day.

For some reason, people don’t want to get in the water when it’s rainy (go figure), so I’m usually the only one in the pool. The water’s heated to the mid-eighties which is a bit too warm for lap swimming, but the rain on my back is cool and it’s quiet and relaxing and I can concentrate on my form instead of trying not to get kicked in the ribs as my lane-mate passes me.

We’re having a dry year, too. Who knows when I’ll have a nice quiet swim again?

Although I was tempted to ignore his advice – after all, he’s not a real doctor – the fact that he made my hip about 90% less painful is reason enough for me to listen, even though it’s a different kind of pain to imagine the empty pool at the gym while I sit on the couch with an icepack.

Hopefully there will be work next week.  And rain.

But not at the same time.

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5 Responses

  1. Nathan says:


    My chiropractor sometimes recommends icing, but he always suggests any activity that would tend to move and stretch the effected area. If I had somewhere to swim, I’m pretty sure he’d tell me I should live there.

  2. Charli says:

    Yeah, I was thinking about going to a movie today, but as it rained yesterday and it’s raining right now, I’m far too lazy to go out and get wet. So I found an online site on MSN to play UNO with people online.

    That’s sort of excercise, typing, right?

    I swear, people is SoCal are uptight when it rains, it’s like we think it’s snow and we hunker in our bomb shelters and wait through our tiny rain storm (showers as they are known by all other standards).

  3. boskolives says:

    I’m proud that as an on-set sound mixer, I’m usually able to get the recommended (as per Local 695, I.A.T.S.E.) daily amount of exercise, which is:

    Jumping to conclusions
    Pushing my luck

    I do get to watch others, including electrics, lift and tote heavy crap. There should be a proximity type calorie loss in there somewhere.

    Jerry w.

  4. geekhiker says:

    This town is so weird when it rains. People dash about like they’re going to melt or something.

    Extended forecast has rain for next weekend, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the storm comes in and you make it to the pool!

  5. JCW says:

    No different in the Bay Area… people drive like they’re facing the End Of Days everytime it rains.

    Baby Girl, sorry about the hip. I happen to have a fake one and sometimes it’s a bitch.

    In the “Who do we feel sorriest for” category, I auditioned for a film starring Eric Roberts and failed miserably this week.

    Which begs the question…. exactly HOW bad does one have to be to be TOO bad to be in an Eric Roberts movie?

    Really bad.

    It’s back to class for me…..

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