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Traffic flow

Tuesday, our call time was 6:30 am – which meant that the crosstown drive took me all of 25 minutes – and that’s including a stop for coffee.

Today, our call time was 10 am, and since rush hour in Los Angeles is from roughly 7 am to 9 pm, the same drive took me an hour and a half – and that’s with my liberal utilization of back roads and ‘secret’ shortcuts (which, apparently, are not all that secret anymore).

While normally this would just be an inconvenience, invariably when I get stuck in really heinous traffic whatever liquid I’ve drunk decides to become turbocharged and I have to pee – assuming that one can find a place with public restrooms (a rarer beast than unicorns in certain parts of Los Angeles), stopping the car and getting out means even more delays.

So I just held it – getting more and more frantic at each red light – until I got to the lot (where I thankfully quickly found parking) and made a mad dash for the restroom.

Since we only worked an 8 hour day today (we just had a few inserts to shoot), I got stuck in traffic on the way home as well, where, of course, I had to pee about halfway.

Tomorrow’s call is 9, so hopefully we’ll work a full 12 hours – we’ll get some overtime and we’ll miss that afternoon traffic.

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2 Responses

  1. geekhiker says:

    What IS it with the lack of public restrooms in this town, anyway? I’ve seriously (well, sorta-seriously) considered throwing an old Nalgene bottle in the just in case of such “emergencies!”

  2. JCW says:

    Honey – I hear ‘ya.

    I live in the East Bay and when a call is for San Francisco anytime NEAR commute hours, I consider giving up my career.

    When you find yourself in stopped traffic on the Bay Bridge wondering whether or not you’ve got the balls to get out and piss off the side of the bridge in front of everyone, you KNOW you’re in trouble.

    Those are the times you’re grateful if you have to report to Treasure Island.

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