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Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat….


Nothing up my sleeve. Nothing up my other sleeve. Now, with one stroke of a pen I’ll make a day of work disappear!



I was supposed to work Tueday and Wednesday, but the second day cancelled – so I’ve only gotten one day this week (so far, but it’s slow so I’m not expecting anything else).

As of late, this seems to be happening to a lot of my days – I get called to work, get excited about the possibility of paying some bills, and then because of whatever’s passing for logic in the production office, the promised work gets pulled out from underneath me.  

This sucks, but all I can do is shrug and make a mental note to start using pencil on the calendar.

At least I’m getting a little bit of work – I know a few folks who haven’t worked at all this year.

And my internet’s down. Again.

The bright side is that instead of sitting at home while I’m unemployed, obsessively reading crap online (speaking of a fucked-up excuse for logic), I have to actually do something to occupy my time. Like work in the garden, go to the gym or do my taxes.

What I need to not do again, though, is make Chicken Vindaloo  at home – not only did I burn off most of my taste buds (too many chili peppers), but the Indian place down the road does a much better version and I don’t have to clean the kitchen.

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5 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    I’ve been lucky…sorta. I’ve managed to get 10 days of work so far including on a holiday and on a 6th and 7th day. Yay, overtime.

    Now, if only they’d set up a production office, hire a payroll service and pay me, everything would be hunky-dorey!

  2. snarkolepsy says:

    Getting out is the only way to keep sane. Best wishes.

  3. geekhiker says:

    Glad to hear that you’re at least picking up a little bit of work, here and there. I hope it continues and increases.

    And I highly suspect we must have the same internet provider…

  4. Charli says:

    I just got a letter from Time Warner Cable stating that they’ve had hacker problems and are working with authorities to investigate the matter. Uh, I do online banking, I don’t want to hear my internet provider is being hacked into.

    Plus, today I get a call from one of my credit cards, a ‘merchant’ being watched by Amazon drew some red flags and my credit card called me to see if I charged anything on my card today, I did not, so they’re issuing me another card.

    First my internet then Amazon? Yo, people, I can’t live without online banking and shopping.

    Now, like our Peg, I need to get a job, too.

  5. JCW says:

    Awwww…That trick never works!

    Slow up here in NoCal as well. Hopefully the new California tax incentive plan will help us all once SAG and the producers get their shit together.

    A pilot for something called Trauma is shooting in S.F. next month – wish me luck!

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