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And now for today’s installment of ‘The Best Laid Plans…’

On paper, the whole plan was perfect. The show on which I’ve been day-playing (and which has pretty much been my sole source of income as of late) went down last week, so I figured I’d get bunion surgery while we were off (don’t even start in with me about not doing it. My foot hurts constantly). Since I’m looking at 10 weeks (or so) of recovery time, I thought I’d get it right after the show went down, ride out the slow season and then be ready to go back to work again when things (hopefully) pick up in late July, right when it’s getting insanely hot.

The surgeon only does this particular type of surgery two Wednesdays a month  – first and third.  Of course, I tried to get in on the first Wednesday in May which would mean only being aimlessly unemployed for about two weeks. Great idea, huh? Time to clean the house, get all the laundry done, stock up on reading material, etc…

Except I’m apparently not the only one who hatched said plan and the surgeon’s schedule is full on the 6th (presumably with other crew people getting foot surgery – the new black), so  now I have to wait until the 20th.

This isn’t really that big of a deal (and gives me more time to get my shit together), but since there’s an issue with going from unemployment to disability it means that I must either not file unemployment for May or call around frantically trying to dig up a few days’ work right before I have surgery so I get a paycheck before starting the disability claim.

Since work is currently on the slow side, this worries me but since I don’t have the funds to choose option A, I’m going to be doing some begging in the middle of May.

Right now, though, it’s tough to worry about much of anything.  The weather in Los Angeles is beautiful – the sky is blue and the sun’s shining and it’s not too hot, so I’ve been spending a lot of time riding my bike and enjoying the spring while it lasts.

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