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Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Friday, as I was out running some errand which I’ve now forgotten, the podiatrist’s surgery scheduler called me and said “I’ve got good news! I have a cancellation for May 6th, so you can get that day if you still want it!”

Of course I said yes right away, lest she give the coveted appointment to someone else. The full impact of this didn’t hit me until I hung up the phone. All the stuff I needed to get done, which would have fit nicely into two and a half weeks, now had to be done in four days.

So all weekend I’ve been so busy I think my limbs have appeared as a blur to onlookers.

But it’s almost all done now. I just have to finish freezing some food so I don’t have to cook when I do come home (don’t start in on store-bought frozen meals. They’re vile and I’d rather starve), pack a bag as I’ll be staying at a friend’s house for a few days and finish cleaning the house. Oh, and I’m going to go for a late swim tonight as I won’t be able to get into the pool for a few weeks.

Much like the gremlins, I can’t eat anything after midnight, so maybe I’ll treat myself to some late sushi – you know, in case I die or something.

Tomorrow.  I guess it’s better this way – I probably would have worked myself  into a lather had I two weeks to ponder the implications of surgery, but now it’s all happened so fast that by the time I can settle down and really start to worry, the whole thing will be over with and I’ll be sprawled on a couch, out of my skull on pain medication.

Tomorrow, I have to get to the Motion Picture Hospital (yes, we have our own hospital. Not for much longer, though. It’s closing in October) two hours early so they can check me in and a physical therapist can give me lessons on how to properly move on crutches.  The one thing I didn’t get done today was a trip to the DMV to get the paperwork for a handicapped sign for the car, since I’ll be able to drive before I’m off the crutches.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up early, go water the garden since I won’t be able to do so for a week (hopefully. Probably more like two. All I can do is hope that it doesn’t get super hot and fry my tomato plants), do a load of laundry and then go to the hospital.

Shit. I’m having surgery tomorrow. I’m not ready.

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5 Responses

  1. JCW says:

    Peggy…lovely one… you’re having BUNION surgery – not a brain tumor removed.

    You will do just FINE and recover quicker than you are anticipating. AND… you wished the surgery were sooner and you got your wish…. you’ll do just fine.

    My thoughts and all good wishes are with you tomorrow and in your days of recovery thereafter.


  2. E. says:

    If you’re a AAA member, you can get the handicapped placard through them. I did this when I had foot surgery a couple years ago. WAY easier than going through the DMV if you’re a member. You should be able to call them to see if you can go through them if you’re not a member, too.

  3. Meg says:

    Bon voyage! Crutches are easy, as long as you don’t have to WORK. How long are you in the hospital? If they give you a morphine drip, use it! Don’t be brave! My best memory of the hospital stay was when I could eat food after surgery, and they brought me strawberries. Strawberries and morphine, mmmm, nuthin’ better! Heal fast!

  4. lizriz says:

    Oh my, hope it goes well! Feel better soon!

  5. geekhiker says:

    Will keep the fingers crossed for both you and the tomato plants! :) Hope the recovery goes smoothly as well.

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