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Fl. Nightingale – guest blogger for peggy

I guess I should have specified that Peggy doesn’t have internet at Nurse Ratchet’s place. She’s doing quite well. I wrote her last post to update you all, and hopefully she’ll be home and online to entertain you all after the cute-but-married (darn)doctor signs off on her Monday or Tuesday.  On the subject of feet, I once crewed on a soft core porn video aimed at the foot fetish market. We spent several hours lighting a glowing display rack for the featured footwear, along with a glowing turntable for the nekkid girls and their very high heels. Then the product placement guy brought in the ugliest product placement shoes in the history of mankind. And we filmed them, ’cause that’s what we were paid to do. But  I ask you, didn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? Surely anyone who’s enough into shoes to buy the movie is going to have, I don’t know, some kind of taste in shoes? And wouldn’t the ugly shoes kind of kill the mood, so to speak?  The production company on that  show accidentally underpaid me by a day, and the guy who owned the company called me to apologize and offered to loan me some cash until they could get me a check cut, if I needed it. I didn’t, that week, but it was weird to realize the porn guy was the nicest producer I had worked for up to that point in my career.

–Fl. Nightingale

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7 Responses

  1. JCW says:

    Flo –

    Good of you to update us – I know I appreciate it.

    Give Peggy my best, and tell her that even a day after hip replacement surgery, I was fully capable of typing.

    We miss our girl…. Get well soon.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Thanks seconded!!! Do you have a blog yourself? Because I’m not sure what I’m going to do without my “tales from the production front” fix while Peggy’s down for the count.

  3. boskolives says:

    During any number of work stoppages caused by strikes by writers, directors, actors (or you name it), to keep afloat financially I’ve taken on work as a sound mixer on “Adult Orientated Entertainment”. That term sounds better than “soft core porn”.

    Anyway, I found that while working on them, on average I was treated better and had more meals on time (still warm!) than I ever did on the regular jobs on crap videos that no one will ever see.

    Full disclosure: I never noticed the shoes, not even sure if anyone was wearing them.

    Jerry w

  4. jesse says:

    Take it from an old wh-re……..
    The guy does “Porn” okay. Your probably a nice looking woman.
    Sure he was nice….. Take your thumb, pull back the hammer on your Colt and rest your hand on the holster.

  5. Charli says:

    Tell Peg we are thinking about her and her feet and her knees and her back, uh, does she need a make-over, I know a guy who knows a guy who has this friend…

  6. Mark says:

    Hmmm… apparently Ms. Archer types this blog with her feet, otherwise there is no excuse for such a long absence.

    Angry mob wants more posts.

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