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Say goodbye to the big black boot.

At yesterday’s doctor visit, I got the good news – although my foot is a really weird color*, it’s healing nicely and I no longer need to wear the giant black walking boot that’s been the bane of my existence for the past three weeks (hard to walk in, hard to balance on, and very, very, sweaty).

I still can’t cram my foot into one of my regular shoes, though – so I went out and purchased a pair of those slip-ons that look like tennis shoes which I normally hate but are, at the moment, the only thing I can wear.

I also got cleared to go back to the gym (although I can’t swim yet), which makes me happy as the sedentary portion of the program has been driving me completely crazy.

So, the plan for today was to get up early, do two weeks’ worth of laundry, and then hit the gym and start trying to melt off the blubber I’ve packed on while sitting on my ass watching daytime television (actually, that’s not true. I’ve been chained to my laptop working on a writing project which will actually earn me some money).

Except that I failed to take into consideration that laundry involves standing on the tile floor of a laundromat for two hours. After I fluffed and folded everything, my foot and my ankle felt like complete crap. Of course the one bench in the place was taken by a nice lady who was in even worse shape than I was, so I didn’t feel that the ‘let the cripple sit down for a while’  routine was going to get me anywhere.

I understand the foot, but the ankle? It’s a pretty serious design flaw when a body part goes to crap after not being used for three weeks. Someone is going to get a strongly worded letter about this, I’m just not sure who. Yet.

*Remember the days before spray on tans? Do you remember the people who were out in the sun all day every day smearing themselves with coconut scented glop until they turned a very, very dark brown – then they either forgot the glop or went water skiing or to some tropical destination (where the sun was really strong) and burned on top of the tan which turned them that weird mahogany color? That’s what color my foot is right now.  It looks like it’s gone on vacation without me.

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