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Like many older Southern California dwellings, my building has no insulation (it’s paradise, right? It never gets cold here so let’s save on construction costs), so the hollow walls combined with lath-and-plaster construction conduct vibration from the hardwood floors in the unit above mine really well.

Thanks to the former landlady and her batshit crazy, said unit has been vacant for years, so there’s not been a problem. Now, however, I have upstairs neighbors who are very, very nice but unbelievably noisy nearly around the clock. After some discussion, they agreed to remove the hard-soled shoes after about 10 pm, which brings the noise level down to merely unpleasant (as opposed to completely unbearable) things that go bump, bang and crash in the night.

The really cruel part of the joke here is that despite (or maybe because of) my ability to do things like nap standing up (lean against wall, lock knees, catch power nap while the producer’s not looking), I’m probably the world’s lightest sleeper, so it doesn’t take much to wake me even without the thundering hipsters over my head.

I suppose the upside of this is that no one will ever be able to draw anything embarrassing on my face and then take my picture while I sleep.

With the use of earplugs, I’ve been averaging 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, but in the wee hours of Sunday morning the upstairs dwellers decided to have what sounded like elephant races – the noise was so loud and my entire place was shaking so much that I thought it was an earthquake, jumped out of bed, failed to don any sort of  footwear and ran to stand in the bedroom doorway.

Turns out it was four guys and three girls all clomping around in club shoes. Indoors.  At three in the morning.

Needless to say, the foot’s not feeling so terrific anymore.

I saw the physical therapist today, and he says it’s not that bad, which is a very, very happy thing to hear.  I’ve got three sessions a week scheduled for the next two weeks in an attempt to get the damn thing to hurry up and heal because my disability runs out at the end of August, which means I’m going back to work in the beginning of September whether I’m ready or not.

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