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A fine and dandy first day

Yesterday ended up being 10 hours with a move from one stage to another, and the foot held up better than I’d expected. Of course it hurt at the end of the day, but nothing that over-the-counter anti inflammatories and an ice pack couldn’t handle. I stepped on it the wrong way a few times and got a stab of pain to remind me to ease up, but really it wasn’t bad at all.

I also had plenty of chances to sit down, as this particular director habitually does more takes than Warren Beatty*.

Since I still can’t stress the ball of the foot, doing things like pushing a loaded cart up an incline is very difficult (normally you do this on your tiptoes to get the best leverage, especially if it’s a heavy cart), and ladders to the perms have to be climbed very, very carefully, but overall I’m quite pleased and optimistic.

Aside from someone above the line deciding to save some money by eliminating most of our lighting package (lucky for us the gaffer understood and didn’t start screaming like a banshee when we repeatedly had to tell him we didn’t have the light he wanted), the day was uneventful.  Which is a very wonderful thing.

It’s good to be back.

*Beatty, when wearing his directing hat, does hundreds of takes of each shot. So many, in fact, that on one movie he was reportedly lectured by the studio about it, and told to limit the number of takes. So after that he’d call action and have the actors repeat whatever it was over and over and over until the camera rolled out and call that take one.  My bank account misses him so much.

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