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An even trade

There always seems to be some kind of anxiety in my life no matter what – I’ve swapped the anxiety about the foot getting better for the older, more familiar ‘am I going to get enough work to pay the rent’ variety.

It’s still fairly slow here in Los Angeles (most of the work has gone out-of-town), so I’m pretty much guaranteed a light schedule for the time being (according to the rumor mill, work will get busy after the holidays). Which, of course, is good for the foot, but still. I worry.

I’ve got a day tomorrow (my only day this week, but it’s a short week due to the holiday), on a rigging crew, so I guess this is the real test of how well that foot’s going to hold up since I won’t have as many opportunities to sit down as I did last week on set.

Since I have to get up at 5 am, I’m taking a sleeping pill because Thumper and Bumper don’t usually settle down until after midnight and I’d love to actually get 8 hours of sleep just in case I have to think.  Or maybe being really tired tomorrow would distract me from the pain that I may or may not feel in my foot.

Keep your fingers crossed for me in the hopes that tomorrow is as uneventful as last week’s workday was.

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  1. lizriz says:

    “Work will get busy after the holidays?” I guess the sun is setting on “work will get busy after the summer.” Sigh.

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