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Cable, party of four

Dear god (pick one, I don’t care which), I’m sore. Bone tired and aching from my neck down to my knees.

Although the foot is sore, it doesn’t hurt any more than the rest of me which just spent 10 hours walking on tile floors and wrapping the heavy cable.  We did the outside cable runs first thing in the morning (before it got hot out), and then spent the rest of the day wrapping lights in an abandoned office building in the west San Fernando Valley – where it’s hotter than the surface of the sun this time of year.  The building had AC, but we all have to go outside sometimes.

Also, I’m really out of shape.

The only thing that gets one in shape for this job is actually doing this job. I can go to the gym and lift all the puny weights I like and the cable will still feel heavy and I’ll still be hurting at the end of the day until I get my work muscles back.

Luckily, I was working with a wonderful crew of folks with whom I really enjoy spending time, so the day went by really quickly and the ouch has just set in now that I’ve gotten home, had some dinner and stopped moving.

Maybe I’ll break out the Epsom salts and go sit in the tub until morning.

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