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A long way off.

After a while, one gets a feel for how long any particular call sheet will take to shoot – look at call sheet, factor in all the wild cards (stunts, babies, temper-tantrums, animals, weather, etc..) and guess how long the day’s going to be with some accuracy.

Sometimes, of course, said estimation is completely and utterly wrong. Usually, there’s a reason. Today, however, we came in, looked at the day’s work (five scenes, all featuring two actors standing still around some item of plot-point and talking. “Walk and talks”, scenes with multiple actors and scenes where actors move a lot take longer to shoot), and figured it to be an 11 hour day (or so).

For reasons no one can really figure out, the day ended up being 14 hours. Call time was 7 am, and wrap time was 10 pm.

Tomorrow’s call sheet looks like a 14 hour day, but we’re working with animals, which means there’s no telling how long it’s actually going to run.

Which is good for my bank account. What’s also good is that LA’s early fall heat wave has broken and it’s nice outside, since we have day exteriors tomorrow.

Except that it’s almost 11 and I have to be back at work at 9 am, so I’m off to bed.

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