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Best week ever! So far.

It’s fall in Los Angeles, which means that the weather is truly glorious right now – it’s warm but not hot, the sky is blue and filled with fluffy white clouds, the air is relatively clean and the few trees that do change colors are busily doing so.  It’s been so gorgeous outside that I haven’t even been freaking out about my inability to scare up any work for this week. I’ve just been riding my bike and enjoying the all too fleeting Southern California fall.

Also, on Saturday my noisy upstairs neighbors moved out. At 6 am.  When the other neighbor and I went upstairs to have a look to make sure our dreams were coming true and they were really gone, we discovered that they’d taken the bathroom sink with them. Pulled it right off the wall. Of all the things to take with you when you move – the sink? They’d have been better off to take the stove.  It’s an O’Keefe and Merritt from the 50’s and would buy one infinitely more crack (or whatever they’re buying) than a cheapo cabinet sink from a big-box hardware store.

I’m just very glad they’re gone. It’s so lovely to be able to sleep once again.

On both Monday and Tuesday the pool was empty while I was swimming (but filled up right as I got out),  and I had a date which went so well I ended up doing the walk of shame the next morning. Actually, it was more like the walk of the cat that just ate the canary and was desperately trying to find someone to high-five, but hey.

Today, I got the phone call from the doctor informing me that the biopsy turned up negative, which is a huge load off my mind.

It’s only Wednesday. Can this week possibly get any better?

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7 Responses

  1. Stan says:

    Good for you. I’m sure that that canary was delicious.

    Peggy sez: Yes, it was quite tasty.

  2. ironrailsironweights says:

    That’s excellent news about the test result.

    Also, I don’t understand why it’s called the Walk of Shame. It’s something to be proud about, not something to be ashamed about.


    Peggy sez: I agree, Peter. It should be called the walk of AWESOME.

  3. K1rk says:

    As I believe I’ve heard Emma Thompson say in every movie she’s ever been in: “Well done, you!”

  4. I’ve seen the most awesome walk of shame in person.

    A boy wearing last night’s clothes, eating breakfast early in the am, in the caf… at an all girls college.

    No other way to explain that!

  5. Marci says:

    oh yay!!
    (test results and good date)

  6. nezza says:

    You deserve a good week or three! :P

  7. geekhiker says:

    Oh, man, you really need to go buy yourself a lottery ticket right now!

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