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New and improved.

Our few days a week unit has a new gaffer, which isn’t a bad thing. New gaffers mean new connections and the potential of more jobs down the road – but there’s always a period of, well, newness.

We all knew how to read our old gaffer (who has gotten a TV show of his own and we’re all thrilled for him. Full time gigs are a wonderful thing) – when he needed coffee (and how many sugars he liked), when he was joking, when he wasn’t and we needed to really hustle, etc… We don’t know the new guy (who is very nice and we like him a lot) that well, so we spend a lot of our time second guessing ourselves and doing a lot of unnecessary scrambling around since we don’t really know exactly what he wants yet.

Obviously, an unhappy gaffer is a very, very bad thing so we do everything we can to prevent that from happening. Usually, gaffers want to bring in their own crew and he kinda got us handed to him, so we really don’t want him to decide we suck and he’d rather have his own guys. It’ll get easier as we all get used to each other, of course.

Also, I’ve got the late fall blahs. For some reason it’s really bad this year, mainly because I’m already burned out on Christmas – we shot the Christmas episode, so I got a good dose of tinsel at the beginning of the month, and on the lot they’ve got the trees and wreaths and lights up already and I’m just sick to death of it and it’s not even December yet.

Can I just decide to ignore the holidays this year and go sit on some beach somewhere with a foofy umbrella drink in my hand and get massages?

Oh, wait. That would cost money.



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2 Responses

  1. nezza says:

    Can I join you on that beach. I can’t stand Christmas. Christmas is for people with people and it stinks when you’re a spare part.

  2. JCW says:


    Been away a while, so happy to check back in and see that you are well and working again.

    Word to the wise: Given the opportunity to work or not work on something directed by Jeffrey Reiner – take a pass.

    Nasty, whiney little bitch. Had my worst on set experience with that little runt on TRAUMA – just a tempermental brat.

    Happy to catch back up with you – so glad you’re still blogging!

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