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Post-Holiday carb fest!

Every year I seem to fixate on one particular holiday food that’s usually really bad for me. This year, it’s cornbread dressing. With turkey gravy.
Stuffing-riffic. My local overpriced ‘alternative marketplace’ grocery sells it pre-made (and soaked in gravy) by the pound, and I’ve been gorging on it since Thanksgiving.
Which is fine, but since I’m trying NOT to become so fat that I develop my own gravitational pull, I’ve had to step it up at the gym.

There’s no work this week (maybe a Friday, though), so I’ve been doing two hours of cardio and an hour of weights every day, but it’s not keeping up with the stuffing.

The  pool at the gym is usually stuffed full of people (no pun intended), so it’s been hard to swim (which is what really takes off the chub), but today I managed to get in and swam an unbelievably pokey 24 laps in 30 minutes (in a 25 yard pool, which is so insanely short that I should be doing a lap in well under a minute even when I’m not swimming all that fast).

Normally, when I want to swim long enough for it to actually matter, I go to one of the city pools, which are really excellent, but the city of Los Angeles, in what must have seemed like a logical move, has basically closed ALL of the pools at the same time to do some drain upgrade to keep people from dying or imploding or something, so I’m stuck in said gym pool until February. Fuckers.

I used to be in shape, I swear.

Ugh. What will fix this depression? More stuffing. Maybe with cranberries this time. Cranberries are healthy, right?

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2 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    Cranberries are very yummy in stuffing/dressing/carb loveliness, filled with endorphins. Well, it makes ME feel good, so it MUST have endorphins…

  2. zhoen says:

    Cranberries are indeed healthy.

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