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Driving in the rain

It’s time for what passes for winter around here to descend on Los Angeles, which means sub-50 degree temperatures and that wet stuff that falls from the sky. Amidst the panic about an admittedly huge rainstorm (rain for a week straight is catastrophic in LA), I worked two days on a show that’s shooting up in Santa Clarita – which involved driving on one of California’s busiest freeways during rush hour in the rain.

Monday wasn’t so bad – a 6:30 am call meant that my commute was pretty quick. Got to work and had an uneventful day running a follow spot except that the caterer, in what must have seemed like a good idea, made us line up outside in the rain to get lunch, which is where I found out that my waterproof tennis shoes were only waterproof on the bottom and not on the top where the laces are, so I spent the second half of the day with wet feet, which I hate.

Tuesday our call was 9 am so I left extra early for fear of rain related traffic, but my commute went swimmingly (so to speak) until I pulled up to the school where we were shooting, and then I almost got run down by an angry soccer mom in a giant SUV as I attempted to turn left into crew parking.

Luckily, I avoided wet feet, but a crowd scene with 100 teenaged extras meant that as soon as crafty put any food down, it disappeared before the crew were even told it was there. Even after one of the extras found a gold tooth in the soup (I was unable to find out if said tooth was a molar or someone’s grill) they ate like a plague of locusts, which is what teenagers do, I guess.

Since I spent both days up on a scaffold running a follow spot, which meant a lot of standing there doing not much of anything, it’s probably better that my snacking opportunities were limited, now that I think about it.

Tonight, I’m tired. I spent the rainy afternoon in the outdoor pool at the gym, and felt so good that I swam for almost two hours which was great, but now all I want to do is crawl into bed – but I have to stay up later than it is now because my call time tomorrow (on a different show) is 10 am, which means I’ll work late tomorrow night.

Good thing we’re inside all day – the weather forecast calls for thunderstorms, which we have about once per decade so I predict panic and general chaos.

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2 Responses

  1. geekhiker says:

    I miss those teenager days, when I could eat like I had a hollow leg and not gain any weight whatsoever. *sigh*

    Given what I saw when I photographed the burn areas a couple of months back, I’m actually surprised that (at least as of this writing) there haven’t been more mudslides. As for L.A. drivers in the rain, the less said, the better!

  2. RN Nurse says:

    The interesting thing about drivers in LA during the so called “rainy season” is that it rains rarely so there is oil on the road and when it gets wet it is very slick. Now you mix this with 10 million people who can not drive in bad weather and you have a huge problem.

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