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More shopping adventures

For some time now, My very old (10+ years) rain jacket has been getting increasingly less rainproof. It’s not that the seams leak, it’s that the fabric itself (generation 1 Gore-Tex) is getting more and more porous as time goes by, despite my several attempts to renew the waterproofing.  This is just something that happens to this type of thing, and wouldn’t be a big deal if I were just running for the bus, but when I have to stand out all night in the rain, it’s nothing short of a personal catastrophe.

I’ve tried to put off shelling out for new gear, but since I’m going to stand out in the rain tonight and staying dry would be really awesome it’s time.  Last night after work I stopped by Adventure 16, looking for the same brand that’s served me so well, only to find out that the company’s gone out of business, which I guess is what happens to you when you make clothing that lasts for a decade.

The very helpful salesperson helped me pick out a new jacket, and even found one from the sale rack that fit me nicely and had all the features I wanted (original price: $219, on sale for $99. Score). Then, of course I found other stuff I needed which sadly wasn’t on sale so I wiped out any savings with the impulse purchases. Oh, well. I never claimed to be smart.

Since we only did 8 hours yesterday, I basically worked all day for a new jacket, but when I’m not cold and wet and clammy tonight it’ll be totally worth it.

UPDATE: Day cancelled (due to inclement weather, I assume) as I was driving to the gym for my before-work swim. Since they cancelled so close to call time, they still had to pay me for 8 hours even though I didn’t have to work. What is it the kids say? W00t?

Guess I don’t feel so bad about the shopping now.

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5 Responses

  1. jmv says:

    A16 has a tendency to do that to fun $… My wife always finds incredible clearance deals when we go. And I always finds stuff that I just GOTTA have (for full price.)

  2. JCW says:

    Hope that among the other “stuff” you purchased were a pair of shoes that are waterproof from the top.

  3. k4kafka says:

    Just go out and buy the best…money no object. Just remember, it’s all tax deductible !

  4. Ah yes, a paid cancellation day — free money falling from the sky is the sweetest payday of all.

    Re: JCW’s comment — I took a flyer on pair of Ecco boots seven years ago (on sale, of course), and a couple of months later spent an 11 hour day working outside in a driving rainstorm. Those boots didn’t leak a drop — the only water to hit my socks that day came when I bent over far enough to cause my rain pants to rise, allowing some of that rain in.

    They’re the most comfortable work boots I’ve ever tried. The downside is the expense — 200 bucks and change, although waiting for sales and scouring outlet stores (Nordstrom’s) can save a bundle. The other major problem is they can’t be re-soled to their original state — you can put a Vibram sole on the bottom, but this is pointless, since (so I’ve been told) the boots will no longer be nearly so comfortable. Still, mine last three to five years, depending on how much abuse they take on the job. For my money, Eccos are well worth it.

    And as k4kafka said, totally deductible…

  5. geekhiker says:

    A16 and REI: I can walk in needing nothing at all, and walk out with a bag not too much later. Enemy of the credit card, they are. lol

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