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Friday Photo

Napa Valley

It rained the first day of our visit to Napa Valley, but who cares about rain when there’s good company and good wine?

This was taken at Salvestrin Winery – who make fantastic wine and are also really nice folks.  I highly recommend buying gallons and gallons from them A.S.A.P. Hint: the Retaggio is amazing. I don’t mean “oooh… tasty” amazing. I mean “holy shit, where have you been all my life” amazing.

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3 Responses

  1. JCW says:

    As I’ve said before – right down the road from Napa. Have been there for shoots, but have never visited for pleasure.

    I’m so ashamed….

  2. JCW says:


    Just hours away from pointing and laughing at horrible fashion choices, closeted gay actors and their beards, Gawd Awful patter and skits and watching people who hate one another pretend they’re happy to see each other.

    Praying… PRAYING for the reaction shot of James Cameron when Kathryn Bigelow takes Best Director. If there’s a God in Heaven, this shall come to pass.

    The fidgety coke-heads, the obvious drunks, the washed up leading men with their bimbo wives, the snotty execs pretending like they matter to anyone… How can one afternoon contain so much glamor?

    So here’s wishing you a wonderful Gay Superbowl – the holiest day of the year!

  3. Nice photo.
    They make a good Zinfandel in the Napa, don’t they?

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