Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

There’s always one.

Ah, reflecting pools. They add beauty to landscaped gardens and industrial building courtyards, collect spare change from passers-by and sometimes provide drinking water for various fuzzy critters.

They cause problems with film crews, though. All of us have been trained to not step on the landscaping, so we try to walk the cement barrier around the pool, which for some strange reason is always made of some really slippery material. Of course, we always end up placing lighting equipment precariously close to the edge of said pool. I don’t know what it is with gaffers and water.

Invariably, someone falls in.

Usually, it’s a PA, but yesterday it was one of my co-workers, who found out the hard way that this particular reflecting pool was almost hip-deep. Which is weird, since they’re usually only a few inches deep. Guess it used to hold fish or dead bodies or bonfires made of rejected scripts. Or something.

Luckily, said co-worker had dry clothes in the car, but ended up having to endure the jeers of the rest of the crew all day and also needed a new cell phone after work.

Just glad he wasn’t holding a lamp that was plugged in when he went into the drink.

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2 Responses

  1. k4kafka says:

    Ah yes, the Argus C3, sometimes referred to as “the brick”.
    How many megapixels ?…Just kidding.

  2. JCW says:

    In the “extras” pool, I’m usually the one who can be relied upon to fall into the reflecting pond.

    Fell off a hillside flat on my face on pavement during a Gatorade commercial shoot – blood everywhere.

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