Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

Just try concentrating with itchy eyelids.

This past week, I’ve been unable to do anything even remotely related to thinking. About anything, but have especially been unable to sit in front of a computer while my face itches and try to write something other than a string of really choice obscenities.

I haven’t been out much, as said itching has caused my behavior towards other people to become truly deplorable. Also, I now look like a lizard.

No, I’m not green, but the skin around my eyes and on my neck is flaking off and it looks really, really gross and frightens small children (which is actually kind of fun).

After several more visits to the doctor (who has, to date, pulled seven bits of glass from under my eye), I’m now on a medication combo that actually seems to be working so hopefully I’ll be back to normal very soon.

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4 Responses

  1. JCW says:

    Geez… that got a lot worse than I would have expected!
    Sure hope this passes soon – Tried Benedryl for the itch factor? Have you been able to work?

  2. geekhiker says:

    Are you documenting all this, with pix, to use as a warning on the proper way to change a globe?

  3. Marci says:

    yeah, I hope you’re taking photos of yourself as evidence in case you need to file a grievance…$$

  4. zhoen says:

    Sounds like workman’s comp to me.

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