Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

The one where I emerge with my sanity (mostly) intact.

Nothing in the world feels so good as the cessation of something really maddening. The sky is bluer than usual (except today – it’s raining in Los Angeles), the flowers are particularly colorful and life is truly sweet.

Needless to say, the medication finally got on top of things and I’m no longer itching, oozing, or peeling. Two more glass shards later and it looks like the entire episode is behind me (although I’m not certain enough to stop taking the pills).

Even the prospect of spending an afternoon alternately swearing at and attempting to fix the leaky bathroom sink can’t make me feel bad.

And now, since work’s completely dead, I have plenty of time to fix the sink, and everything else around the house that needs fixing. I would call around to see if anyone’s hiring, but most of the people who hire me are posting links on Facebook, so there’s no need for me to do anything other than send a message and say hi. Hello, unemployment.

Normally, this would be the time of year when the features would start up, but all of those have gone out-of-town, so now I’m dead in the water. I’m sure I’ll start panicking about it later, but right now I’m just so glad to feel normal again that I don’t have a care in the world.

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3 Responses

  1. boskolives says:

    “……I don’t have a care in the world”

    Hmmm, about those meds you’re taking….. Maybe it’s a good thing you’re not going to be spending your time up in a Condor?

  2. JCW says:

    Partially intact sanity is about the best any of us can ask for these days…

    Glad you’re getting better – hope there’s no scarring. Work in NoCal is scarce at the moment as well. We may get a Philip Kaufman film come June, but it all depends on Nicole Kidman approving a leading man.

  3. geekhiker says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and that the meds are, apparently, contributing to a good mood. ;)

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