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More computer woes

My ancient (built it with the help of a co-worker during American Pie 2) desktop has finally died – sort of.

I foolishly tried to upgrade said operating system (thinking that newer was better) and now the browser won’t even start. Plus, the mouse does this really annoying thing where it leaves a little trail of arrows even when there’s no internet involved. What’s up with that?

It’s been such a pain that I haven’t even bothered with the internet. My temp solution is to plug-in my laptop and use that, but I really do want a desktop. I know that seems excessive, but I’ve had a lot more problems with laptops than I have with desktops over the years, so I really do just think of the laptop as the ‘spare’ computer. Plus, the laptop gets really, really hot even when it’s not plugged in and that makes me more than a little nervous.

I can get some internet sites on my phone, but not very many since I’m not willing to pay a million dollars a month for ‘high-speed’ access. On a phone. It already freaks me out that I have to re-boot the damn thing. I don’t need internet problems on top of that.

Since I’m not sure I have the patience to build another system myself (this involves about 3,000 trips to Fry’s and lots of screaming and hair-tearing), I thought I’d just buy some cast-off from Craig’s List, yank out the hard drive, put in mine and viola! Computing powers galore.

Not so much. Turns out, people on Craig’s List apparently have no idea about the rate at which consumer electronics depreciate. Just because you paid $700 for the computer five years ago does NOT mean it’s still worth that.

That, and wading through the massive number of miscategorized ads, ID theft scams and pleas to help smuggle funds out of the country. Is is just me, or has the signal-to-noise ratio on Craig’s List increased about five hundred fold in the past year?

So, I guess that leaves me with buying some cheap desktop or a ‘bare bones’ system, since I’m not proud and am totally okay with anything that actually works.

This still means I have to drive to Fry’s, which seems to be competing with IKEA to see who can put stores in the most godforsaken locations in the hottest parts of town.

At least the city’s sports fans aren’t still rioting.

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