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Corporate vandalism in a broke city

DISCLAIMER: I did a long-ish bike ride in the heat today and am tired and cranky. Lector Caveo.

As you may or may not know, the city of Los Angeles is broke. Even more broke than the proverbial joke. They’re cutting back on services to the needy, laying off police,  firefighters and teachers in an attempt to make ends meet.

One of the financial responsibilities of the city is graffiti removal. On vertical surfaces, this involves juvenile delinquents (the ones who got caught) slapping a coat of paint that doesn’t quite match the building over the graffiti, and it’s done.

But stuff that’s been sprayed on sidewalks requires a skilled crew to come out with a sandblaster, at what I can’t imagine is a small expense.

Did I mention the city’s broke? Yes, yes I did.  So you can imagine how upset I was when I saw this:


Yup. That’s a misguided attempt at ‘viral marketing’ spray painted on a city sidewalk.

It’s going to have to be sandblasted off, costing the city money that it doesn’t have.  

Of course, the city won’t go after these idiots for the removal costs, but they should.  Also of course, someone’s being robbed right now and there’s no police around because they’ve had their hours cut.

Assholes. Straining a broke city’s resources because some ad agency asshat wanted to try out that newfangled stuff that the kids like.

So fuck you, overpriced flip-flops and the worthless shit-stain of an agency you rode in on.

If I find the person who cooked up this ‘idea’, I’m going to beat them to death with their own copy of Adweek. Or an overpriced flip-flop. Whichever’s closer.

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9 Responses

  1. Tiffany says:

    This is terrible. I’m so glad you’re bringing this to our attention!

  2. Rhonda says:

    according to their fb page, it’s chalk and will wash/wear off on it’s own.

    Peggy sez: The one I saw wasn’t chalk. It was paint.

  3. k4kafka says:

    Chill out…I’ve seen worse things sprawled across sidewalks in this city.

  4. ironrailsironweights says:

    Could the group have paid the city for the right to place the ads?


  5. I betcha it could be removed in 15 minutes. Spray paint is easy to remove.
    Not that it is a good idea (graffiti) and i hear your grief, as it is your town, neighborhood.
    I think i would start with some sand, if there is a lot of foot traffic it would be gone in a day or three.
    A wire brush and some paint remover would kill it in no time.

    A kid in my neighborhood used to take off the mini-man hole cover for the water main. It was a 5″ iron plate. It was in the middle of the street. He would remove it and put it in the road. He took it off daily. It wasn’t a major problem, just a 5 inch bump for the tires, the cap sitting in the road probably caused more problems from people swerving.
    I put it back daily. It is/was in the middle of a busy road that is just off my street.

    It ended one day when i put Vaseline mixed with canine pepper on it.

  6. JCW says:

    Who knew you had such a temper?

    Guess I’d better scurry back to that men’s room stall I scrawled your phone number in and get to scrubbing.

    In all seriousness, defacing property, public or otherwise, ticks me off as well.

    Enjoy your posts at all times, crabby or not.

    P.S. – Way back when you posted about snow on the lot – I mean WAY back – were you talking Warner’s and Gilmore Girls? I’ve always wondered.

  7. ironrailsironweights says:

    Chill out…I’ve seen worse things sprawled across sidewalks in this city.

    Such as chalk outlines of dead bodies.


  8. zhoen says:

    Eh. Get enough of them all over top of each other, could be kinda pretty.

  9. geekhiker says:

    Sometimes I just wish I could move more than 20 feet in this town without seeing an advertisement for something. *sigh*

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