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Hello Summer. I haven’t missed you.

Here in Los Angeles, we had a very cool and overcast spring, which ran into a very cool and overcast summer.

Not that I’m complaining about that – I deal with cold a lot better than I deal with heat, and any temperature that’s much over 80 degrees makes me start to think about moving to Antarctica.

The cool and overcast was so nice while it lasted, which was until Monday, when it was 70 degrees F and cloudy.

Tuesday, it was 95 degrees F and the sun beat me down like an angry pimp.

Of course, as soon as the air got hot I got a horrible allergy attack which teamed up with some bronchitis (just in case the heat wasn’t enough punishment), so right now, I’m stuffed up, coughing, raspy and sweaty.

Ah, summer.

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4 Responses

  1. Tyler says:

    This film is titled Encryption and is very impressive considering that no money whatsoever was spent on its creation. Follow the link to watch!

  2. JCW says:

    Up North we’re having a wonderfully cool Summer to date, but the allergies this year are off the chart for some reason.

    I don’t think my nose has stopped running in over two months.

  3. geekhiker says:

    I think we’re on opposite sides on this one. After days and days and days of depressing gray gloom, waking up to a blue sky, in spite of the heat, was something I really needed…

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