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Buckling down.

A hush has fallen over Los Angeles tonight – the sense of anticipation is palpable.

Tomorrow, the decision about Prop 8 comes down.

We’ll either have riots or parties in the street.

Since all my phone calls and begging and pleading haven’t turned up any work, I’ll be right in the middle of whatever it is.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Ruling just came in, and Prop 8’s been ruled unconstitutional.  I’m sure there are some folks who are upset about this, but my neighborhood’s turning into an impromptu party with hundreds of happy people hugging each other.
Love, not hate, right?

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  1. JCW says:

    Fingers crossed… my marriage is at stake. The bastards behind prop 8, not content to merely ban any new gay couples from marrying in CA, petitioned the court to have my marriage annulled.

    You would think a person would get used to it, but it still comes as a shock to the system each time it’s brought home that there is public debate about whether or not one is to be considered worthy of the same rights everyone around them enjoys.

    It’s a surreal experience to be gay in America. My day will be spent waiting to hear if the marriage I was made to wait 17 years to enter is still valid or not.

    Peg… however it comes down, I hope you will be joining in those riots or parties.

  2. opus says:

    Never mind the fact that in a free election the majority of the people don’t agree with you. What you want matters more than everyone else right?
    Regardless of the out come today both sides would have appealed the decision, so even if it had gone the other way the decision is basically meaningless. The only decision that matters is the one made by last court the case ends up in.

    • JCW says:


      “Never mind the fact that in a free election the majority of the people don’t agree with you.”

      Yes, and the majority are always right, aren’t they? For over a century the majority of citizens of this country supported slavery – obviously, in your book, that made it right.

      At various times the majority has also supported subjegation of women, segregation, anti Semetism and on and on.

      Just because the supposed “majority” supports any given predjudice does not make it right or legal. I suppose because the majority of Germans followed Hitler, that makes the holocaust OK?

  3. opus says:

    LOL…..Hitler, you’re comparing your situation to millions of men,women and children who were put in work camps and worked to death, used for medical experiments, and put naked into gas chambers and killed. Their heads were shaved and sold for stuffing for pillows and the fillings pulled from their teeth for the metal.
    You’re comparing not recognizing same sex marriage and yourself to that?
    The people voted, the majority don’t agree with same sex marriage and you want to take away their vote. It’s as simple as that, no nazis or slavery or anti-semetism. Just you claiming that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is evil.
    For the record, if prop 8 had failed and the other side was talking like you I’d be saying the same thing to them.

    • getsheila says:

      Actually, JCW was not comparing same-sex marriage and “his situation” to Hitler. The Hitler example was used as an extreme example to demonstrate majority support of something doesn’t necessarily make it right or legal. Some people need extreme examples because subtleties elude them. I also fail to see where JCW claimed anyone who doesn’t agree with his opinion is evil.

      I do agree the MOST important decision will be the one made by the last court the case ends up in. However, saying this decision is meaningless is essentially saying the original passage of Prop 8 was also meaningless.

      And maybe all those pesky battles during WWII were meaningless because all that really matters is the Germans surrendered in the end so what possible influence could who won or lost those earlier battles have to do with anything?

  4. Amanda A. says:

    So, this “majority vote ignored” thing can be considered a tyranny of the majority. A majority of people can believe anything, but what really matters is what is actually correct, fair, or just. A majority of people can commit an injustice upon a minority in many ways, just look at every civil rights movement.
    Also consider, a majority can be wrong: a majority of students at my high school believed that you can’t get STDs from oral sex. Just because they believed it doesn’t mean they didn’t get herpes.
    Similarly, a majority can believe that homosexuals shouldn’t marry, but the minority, in this case, gays, disagrees and deserves legal protection.
    Also, it’s overzealous people who casually reference the Holocaust who make the most trouble in these discussions. What we don’t need is inaccurate finger-pointing, but reasonable arguments for or against the idea. As I tell my kindergarten class, only babies hurt each other’s feelings on purpose.

  5. opus says:


    Instead of simply stating that the majority doesn’t always make the correct decision JCW purposely invoked nazis,slavery etc..etc..if the intent wasn’t to compare the people who voted for prop 8 to nazis and same sex couples to the victims of the holocaust those examples wouldn’t have been used.
    I can’t think of anytime I would use nazis as an example/comparison unless I felt the person or group I was talking about was doing exactly what the nazis did.
    If equating the beliefs of people with nazis isn’t saying someone is evil then I don’t know what does.

    In a way, yes the original passage of prop 8 was meaningless because of the court battle it inevitably would spawn. If it hadn’t passed, more attempts would have been made to accomplish the same thing and it would have gone on and on and on. So just defeating prop 8 wouldn’t have brought resolution to the issue one way or the other, just like it’s passage hasn’t.

    As for WW2, ever hear the expression “win the battle but lose the war”. It’s applicable to the prop 8 fight. Supporters of prop 8 won the battle of it’s passage but could very well be defeated in the end.
    So yes, even in WW2 the only battle that truly mattered in the end was the one that won the war.

    • Andrew says:

      Opus, Read Marbury v. Madison. Familiarize yourself with judicial review. If it were left up to popular vote, “Separate but Equal” would still be the norm in some areas.

      Simply put, the only thing that can supercede a Constitutional Amendment is a Constitutional Amendment. We can vote whatever laws in we want, but if they violate the Constitution (in this case the 14th amendment), they’re invalid. Judicial review has been in place since 1803 and one of its purposes is to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

  6. Peggy Archer says:

    I would also recommend reading the text of the judge’s decision. It’s very rational and measured. I think it’s on the NY Times website.

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