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For the record…

Since we seem to have a flame war starting in the comments, I thought I’d clarify my position here:

I’m in favor of allowing anyone, regardless of gender orientation, creed, or color to marry whoever they choose.

I can live my short, insignificant life seeing anger and hate, or I can live my life seeing the love and happiness that a moment of pure joy ( a couple who’ve waited 50 years to marry) can bring.

I choose the latter.

I choose love.

I hope you, too, can find the love.

Because if you can’t, I’m going to start deleting comments.

Play nice or else.

Also, I have work tomorrow. Yay!

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10 Responses

  1. opus says:

    I don’t see anything I posted as being out of line and more than civil considering I was being put in the same catagory as people who marched folks into gas chambers.
    If the problem is that I have a different opinion than you or the other commentor, then might I suggest you request that people who only hold opinions in line with yours comment,or maybe turning off the comments altogether.

    • Peggy Archer says:

      Opus, I welcome differences of opinion, but generally things like this go downhill fast. I wasn’t singling you out – I was just trying to prevent the internet namecalling knuckledraggers from invading my comments.

  2. Stan says:

    I think Marty Klein summed it up best:

    “Yes, the will of the majority—at least, as expressed in the 2008 election that passed Proposition 8—has been overruled. Because the majority got to vote on something they shouldn’t have been allowed to vote on—the rights of a minority.”

  3. Peach says:

    Opus, I am on the same page as you. When the people vote a certain way – the majority rules. That is how the country works. How can a court toss that out? It is wrong. I don’t care one way or the other if guy marriage is allowed or not – has no effect on me. Let them join the other miserable married folks (like me). But when out to a vote and the people decide they don’t want it – that should be the rule. period.

    • Peggy Archer says:

      Peach – the majority of voters may not make a law that contradicts the US constitution.
      The basis of the legal wrangling about Prop 8 is that it is fundamentally unconstitutional and thus makes the opinion of the majority moot.

      We’re in for three or four years of appeals on this, so it’s not over by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. Adri says:

    Yay for work. Boo for cranky people.

  5. Chuck says:

    Actually, Opus, your “the majority is right” argument is what was criticized, and the Nazis were just one of several examples cited where that is clearly not the case. The fact that you seize upon that as how you’re being characterized is telling.

    As far as the whole anti-gay marriage argument goes, I find it really crystallizes the issue if you substitute “miscegenation” for “gay marriage.” Essentially the same arguments were used to ban black/white marriage, and they’re as empty now as they were then.

    • JCW says:

      Thank you Chuck, for getting my point. The Nazi reference was only to point out the dangers of the “majority rule” theory. It was never my intent to insult or offend.

      If nothing else, the vote, the debate and the court cases create an opportunity for those directly affected by prop 8 like myself, and those indirectly affected by it who have such strong opinions on the matter to air our opinions to one another.

      Here and there you learn something, and maybe those on the other side of the issue do too.

  6. Peggy Archer says:

    One last thing about the ‘majority is right’ line of reasoning: No one – no state, no person, no majority may make a law that contradicts the US constitution.

    I could theoretically channel my powers of evil and convince the majority of Americans to strip minorities and women of the right to own property, but it wouldn’t matter. I cannot – for any reason – make a law that strips rights from a group.

    This is the legal issue behind gay marriage. Banning it is unconstitutional.

    If it offends you, that’s another issue entirely.

  7. Polyport says:

    I thought this one pretty much summarized the outrage of pro-Prop 8 people nicely:

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