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Can’t write. Sleeping.

Work is currently beyond busy – busier than it’s been in several years. Which is great.

It’s great for everyone, but especially great for day players like yours truly who sometimes are lucky to work three days per week.

I’m currently working six days a week and could do seven if I had enough clothes to last me or the will to do laundry after I’ve worked a 12 hour day, but I don’t so tomorrow,¬† I’m getting up, going to the farmer’s market (I’m mostly rigging next week and therefore will need to bring my own lunch), going to do laundry, and then neglecting to clean the house before I go to bed. At 8 pm because of a super early call Monday.

Yay work, but boy am I tired.

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3 Responses

  1. Yeah, it’s harvest time — the town is really hopping right now. Everybody I know who isn’t out on disability is working. Such a run can be a mixed blessing — terminal fatigue is the inevitable byproduct — but I’m glad you’ve tapped into a good run.

    Same here — no more hiatus weeks, since my show is driving hell-for-leather straight through to the finish. These days, sleep has become my drug of choice…

  2. JCW says:

    Nobody ever said making hay while the sun shines is easy work… Really glad things have picked up for you! Wish I was working!

  3. k4kafka says:

    This too will pass…save your $$$

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