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Heat wave!

As is usual for September, Southern California is experiencing very hot weather – this year, though, it’s hotter than normal, and the temperatures have been setting records all over the city, including the west side (the part nearest the ocean, which normally stays comfortable even when the rest of the city’s frying).

So when I went to work yesterday I was really glad that we were going to be on an air-conditioned stage all day. Really, really glad.

Except that the stage’s air conditioning broke. It wasn’t just our stage, either. Three or four of the stages on the lot had the air conditioning units give out – I guess it was because of the extreme heat outside.

We all thought it was really hot in the stage, until we walked outside.

Christ up a tree.

Walking out of the stage door felt exactly like it does when you open your oven door. I’m not exaggerating.

We checked Weather Underground, who reported the temperature in West Los Angeles as 105 degrees (40.5 C). Of course, it was likely much hotter than that on the lot as concrete and asphalt tend to intensify heat.

Even as we were leaving at almost 10 pm, the temperature still hovered around 100 (37 C).

Today, of course, we were outside all day – except for one shot where we were on another one of the stages that had no AC.

Lucky for us today was ‘only’ 90 degrees (32 C).  Not so lucky for us, the humidity skyrocketed so standing outside kind of felt like a steam room. Not a nice relaxing steam room that smells of eucalyptus, though.  A  steam room with not enough steam that’s full of people who had garlic last night for dinner and didn’t shower before entering.

Around 4 pm, it suddenly cooled off  to about 80 (26 C) and I’ve never been so happy.  It felt almost, but not quite, chilly.

When I got home tonight, inside felt hot, but not ‘oh, dear Gods’ hot like it did yesterday.

The cat’s been trying to jump into the refrigerator whenever I turn my back. It would be funny were it not such a pain in the ass to try to fish her out from behind all the food I bought that I haven’t had a chance to cook because I’ve been so busy.

Tomorrow, we’re out near the beach, which normally would mean ‘not so boiling hot’, but will probably be, well, boiling hot.

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3 Responses

  1. geekhiker says:

    I’ll take the cooler temperatures, even with the humidity. Not having a/c in my 40’s-era place, trying to sleep when the bedroom is in the low 90’s is well-neigh impossible!

  2. JCW says:

    We’re in the midst of “Bay Area” Summer at the moment.

    Actual Summers where we live are windy and cold… late Sept. through November are when we get our heat.

    About 7 years back we bought a portable air conditioner – saved our asses yesterday! While you’re going through a high earnings period, suggest you get one.

  3. LOL you guys crack me up thats like the norm in Vegas. But I understand cause I love the Cali weather so I would be frustrated myself. Keep Cool!

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