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Friday Photo


Play of light and shadow on a painted water tank in Griffith Park.

I’m too mentally fried to be clever today – I got the news yesterday that the building owner is going to pay me to move.

Which is good and bad.

Good because I probably do need a change, and rents are down at the moment.

Not all that down, though. At best, I’m looking at my rent to double, and normally I’d just treat myself to a tall frosty mug of ‘harden the fuck up, sissy’, but there’s that looming threat of yet another round of strikes next year.

Having a rent that is more than I can draw from unemployment could be problematic.

We’ll see.

I’ve got a couple of months before I have to move, so right now I’m just checking out what’s available (in my price range? Not fucking much but more than I’d expected)

What’s really making me stress is the idea that I’m going to have to downsize (I currently have a two bedroom and I’ll only be able to afford a one bedroom) – and by ‘downsize’ I mean get rid of approximately half my stuff. The main problem is books. I have so many books that they’ve formed a guerilla army and are threatening to stage a coup.

Today, I just stood in the middle of the living room, looked around, felt completely overwhelmed by the enormity of what I need to do and had to have a drink.

Knowing me as well as I do,  I suspect I’m going to save the ‘get me some pharmaceuticals’ freakout for when I’ve secured a new pad and actually have to move.

Tonight, I’m going to not think about any of it. I’m going to eat the last of the butternut squash from the garden and watch the stupidest comedy that I can stream off Netflix.

On top of everything else, work’s been insanely busy. Which is good, except that I’ve not had a chance to  blog about how great Blogger Prom was.


Happy fucking weekend to you, too.

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6 Responses

  1. JCW says:

    Not unlike LA, the SF Bay Area rental market is notoriously expensive.

    When we were moving here 17 years ago the low end apartment in SF was around $1100.00 a month.

    We found a tiny victorian guest house behind the main house for $600.00 in Alameda, just across the bay.

    In following years I’ve met many people who rented guest houses at much better than market rates for our area. I think because you live so close to the landlord, they put as much emphasis on renting to someone nice as making a profit, so they’re often cheaper than comparable apartments.

    Bonus? We had a lovely yard and veggie garden we were given free reign with, and our landlords became cherished friends.

  2. dugs says:

    I feel your pain. My place is worse; piles of papers staging guerilla attacks against piles of books, with battlefield chaos the result. But good luck; I could use a gun to my head such as you’re facing to get rid of some of my stuff. But I’m with you in spirit, for sure. Perhaps you’ll feel cleansed afterward, like everyone says you’re supposed to. Lemme know if that’s the case. Again, good luck.

  3. geekhiker says:

    Ugh, I hate those moments when you look around and realize how much you actually have. Especially the books. So, so many… and yet I want more!

  4. All good it’s just life hitting the recycle button. Much needed to keep fresh and moving forward.

  5. jurebro says:

    Catching up on your blog tonight, and your entries always make me appreciative of the perspective of somebody in the industry. I love this Friday’s photo, and seeing it makes me feel entirely not creative as I haven’t gone outside to play with my cameras lately.

    Thanks again for the awesome blog.

    P.S. Can you suggest any good books for just beginning to learn the basics of studio lighting and whatnot?

  6. jojomelons says:

    FYI: If your building is covered by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance and you are being evicted due to building renovations you are entitled to tenant relocation assistance (Section 151.09.G of the LAMC).

    The amount of assistance is $7,300 for tenancy less than 3 years and $9,650 for 3+ years or if your income is below 80% AMI.

    Full details are available on the LA Housing Department website.

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