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Friday Photo

Bridge, with condor.

This is an 80 foot condor armed out over the 6th street bridge downtown, which, of course, makes it a 100+ foot condor.

One of the disadvantages of working in, under and around LA’s bridges is getting a really good look at just how worn they are. They have peeling paint, cracks, etc..

Makes me wonder how safe they are.

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6 Responses

  1. bluetoes591 says:

    Yikes! For some reason that photo scares me more than being up in a 125 foot condor with temperamental hydraulics.

  2. True — it’s one thing to go up in a condor, but quite another to then rotate the bucket out over additional fifty to sixty foot drop. In reality, I don’t suppose it’s any more dangerous, but it sure feels spooky when you’re up in that swaying bucket…

  3. Will Campbell says:

    Funny you should ask about how safe the bridge is! Strange but true, the 6th Street viaduct is literally and sloooooowly eating itself. I kid not. The concrete was made onsite and something in the sand used has resulted in what’s called an alkali silica reaction and is scheduled ultimately for demolition and rebuild. As a result there’s something like a 50-60% chance of its collapse during the next “sizable” seismic event. In the meantime plans are afoot to redesign it, but so far the “new” streamlined 6th Street bridge replacements submitted do little to satisfy the desires of historians and preservationists.

  4. bob says:

    as for concrete “eating “itself i’ve found it mostly a fault of not adding enough Portland cement to the mix to counter act he dirt with on site mixing
    i’ve see this back in my past helping out a contractor buddy of mine on 30′ era homes –back in the 90’s helping redo foundations you could “kick ” through a foot think foundation wall with a boot easy
    real nasty stuff there

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