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Friday Photo

Danger zone

The most dangerous part of having condors on an open street like this isn’t when the arms are extended and there are operators in the baskets – car vs. condor is catastrophic for the car and all it really does is give the condor operator a good shake.

The most dangerous time for us is when we’re preparing to go up and we’re on the ground with said cars.  Even with the cones  and police officers drivers sometimes get really close.


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  1. One of the scariest things I ever had to do in this silly business was drive two 60 ft condors 1/4 mile down and across Forest Lawn Drive early one morning. We had no cops, and my crew hadn’t shown up yet — there was just me and the DP, who told me where he wanted those big beasts, then went inside the location to set up the first shot.

    Cars kept screaming around the corner at 60+ mph, not expecting to see an enormous orange mechanical elephant in their path, plodding across four lanes. They swerved, honked, and screamed curses at me — but I had no choice: traffic was building fast, and there was still no sign of my crew.

    I should have fired the bastards.

    Eventually I got both condors in position without killing anybody, but was sweating like a pig from the stress. Not a pleasant way to start a long work day…

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