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It’s all over but the shouting.

After what seems like eons of tearing my hair out and cursing the bad luck I have to be me, I’ve finally managed to find an apartment.

The Good: It’s in a much better area (rich people adjacent as opposed to tranny hooker central), it’s easy biking distance to the beach (my current place is biking distance to the beach – but it’s an hour ride with a tailwind), the landlord is very nice, it’s closer to work, and I’m not being charged a pet deposit, so the cat will continue to  freeload. It’s near a lot of nice restaurants and an all-night coffee shop is just around the corner. It’s also in a section of town that I’ve never really spent any time in, so it’s kind of like moving to a whole new city.

The Bad: It’s small. I don’t mean ‘kind of small’. I mean ‘postage stamp’ small.  It’s about a quarter of the size of my current place, and there’s no yard or utility room or closet space or front porch. Hell, there’s not even a garage – it’s a car port, so I can’t even cram junk into the car’s room.  Also, since it’s in West LA, the traffic is beyond horrible at rush hour – not that I come home at 6 pm very often.

The Ugly: Most of my stuff is going to have to go. Since I’ve lived in the same place for quite some time, I’ve accumulated lots of crap – most of which I’ve been saving for the proverbial rainy day or an unexpected apocalypse, but now I just don’t have the room, so out it goes.

This has been more difficult than I’d imagined. Aside from the ‘but I might neeeeeeed it’ factor, throwing away damned near everything I own is scary. I’ve got a pile of stuff that I absolutely positively won’t part with (first editions of books, my project bicycle, jewelry, etc), but most of it I’m just going to have to suck it up and throw it out.

Things I’ve tossed so far:

About a million paperbacks.

Cheap plastic dishes from Tar-jay (I’m going to use my grandmother’s Wedgwood china as my everyday dishes, simply because I don’t have room to keep more than one set).

Clothes that are two sizes too small and out of style.

Shoes. Mostly heels that I can’t wear anymore.

A bunch of childhood crap that my sister sent me because she didn’t want it cluttering up her house, but didn’t want to throw it away. Serves her right.

I’m moving the furniture Sunday, but since I have this place until the end of the month, I’ll use the bonus time to assess what I can fit into the new place and what I can’t. Then, at the end of the year, I’ll sell off what I can’t take and throw one hell of a party in the empty shell of my former life.

Which is all good, but I may not post much until the end of the year, when all this shit is over and done with.

Be patient.

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13 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    why not look into getting a small storage unit?

  2. Floyd says:

    Rent a storage space?

  3. Dave2 says:

    Moving house is about the worst thing one can endure. I’ve done it three times and will undoubtedly have to do it again one day. Best of luck to you in your new place!

  4. churk says:

    It would be a fitting end if you left a couch at the curb on your way out.

  5. Glad to hear you managed to find another place, but such severe downsizing really is a bitch. On the other hand, that’s the future for most of us — like it or not — so you’re getting a jump on the New Reality.

    May you and your cat have a great Xmas holiday in your new digs…

  6. boskolives says:

    Life will flow much smoother when you realize you don’t own all of those things, they own you. Take a big dump and move on, stay with only those things that have value like you mentioned about the dishes, anything else you haven’t used in 3 years needs to be kicked to the curb or put on Craigslist or eBay, money moves much easier than “things” and takes up a lot less space.

    That being said, I’m stuck in the same situation, like most things in life it’s just easier to point it out to someone else.
    Happy holidays as they apply,

  7. JCW says:


    Congratulations on landing your new space!

    Sounds like the positives will outweigh the negatives once you get all settled in.

    Have a wonderful Christmas (Are you traveling again this year?), and here’s wishing us all a vary happy New Year!

  8. geekhiker says:

    Well, I’m glad you found a place, at least! My sympathies that it’s on the west-side, where I myself spend entirely too much time sitting on the 405. But there is something to be said for easier access to biking to the beach and hiking in the Santa Monicas, so…

  9. francesdanger says:

    Coming from someone who lost everything in a fire I can honestly tell you it’s mighty freeing to not have so much stuff. I’m glad you got a nice, safe place to lay your head.

  10. kevin_m says:

    Oh yeah, I live (or “live”) in one of those places as well. The low rent/nice location tradeoff makes it… moderately worth it. On most days.

    I know this is a vile, sexist comment but women can get away with this situation better than men. Living in a garret after the age of 24 doesn’t really do much for your dating life.

  11. Scripty says:

    Yes, free yourself from “stuff” you’ll be happy you did! And enjoy the new space! Happy Holidays!

  12. Bob says:

    Peggy, Merry Christmas, I just spent the evening with a couple of people who have retired from your industry, and they are are glad they had the opportunity to get out when they did. Things have obviously changed in the 20 or 30 years since they have worked where you do.Good Luck going forward, and a Happy New Year!

  13. Caryn says:

    So glad you found a place, and closer to the beach. Sorry it’s forcing decisions on what to hang on to, though.

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