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Since it’s fairly important to be able to tell which cable is which when they’re rigged and we can’t see both ends at the same time, we use the old-fashioned method of marking them – white tape and a sharpie.

Generally, cables that only carry one channel (such as the Bates cables pictured) will be assigned a number, and anything that carries more than one channel (such as Socapex) will be assigned a letter (and the channels will be individually numbered on the breakout – Socapex cable ‘A’ will be assigned the channel numbers 1 through 6, and so on).

Since this was the first rig day of this particular show, all I did was tape cable ends (remembering to leave tabs on the tape) all morning, and then after lunch I lifted a whole lot of cable, since this particular stage doesn’t have a way to bring the loaded cable carts directly onto the catwalks – it’s got an elevator to the dimmer room, but then there are three fucking stairs to the perms so everything’s got to be picked up and set down again.

Three stairs. Bastards. You think they’d have at least built a ramp.

What gets you is the twisting – you pick up the cable and then to pass it to the guy manning the other cart, you have to twist your upper body.

Tonight, I’m sore in the glutes, but glad for the day of work. Hope all of you have a good weekend.


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