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One of the things about the new neighborhood is the preponderance of white people.

I’m not used to the pale masses. I’ve spent the past couple of decades in a very ethnically diverse neighborhood,  so I’ve come to think of Los Angeles as not a very white place, which isn’t a bad thing.  “Not very white” meant dusty markets with interesting stuff on the shelves, good Thai food, seemingly random street festivals, and the neighbor’s barbacoa fests to which the entire city was invited.

But now?  Whitey’s everywhere in droves, and they really do all look similar. Same haircut, same clothing brands, same nasal laugh. It’s making me kind of nervous – had I a stock portfolio, I’d feel a strong urge to keep my hand on it at all times.

I suppose I’ll get used to the beige horde, but right now it’s just fucking weird.

Also, what the hell is up with the frozen yogurt? There are two ‘fro-yo’ places within a block of my apartment and it seems like every time I turn my head I see another.  That, and art supply stores.

I feel like I should carry a small notebook and keep notes about what it is that white people really like.

Oh, wait. It’s already been done. Nevermind.

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3 Responses

  1. ironrailsironweights says:

    According to the Conventional Wisdom of the Blogosphere* almost all the white people who used to live in California have fled elsewhere to avoid the influx of Mexicans. Obviously, the people in your new ‘hood haven’t gotten that message.

    * = or at least the Game/HBD/MRA segments of the blogosphere


  2. geekhiker says:

    Have you been freaked out by the number of douchbags driving like idiots in Lexus’s yet?

  3. JCW says:

    “the preponderance of white people.”

    Oh thank goodness! When I saw the heading I was afraid you were going to tell us about a new variety of sexually transmitted disease!

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