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No work but lots of busy.

It’s a typically slow January, work-wise, but I’m still trying to get the apartment in order, so my days are filled with the abstract busy work of sorting through some of the bins of loose stuff that came over from the old place – paperwork, old photos, tax returns from years past, etc..

I’m also trying to figure out which artwork’s going to stay as I now don’t have wall space for all of it. Do I keep the admittedly insipid garage sale painting of a Mediterranean sea view that I love even though it doesn’t look right in the new place (and is kind of ugly in general)? Do I keep the framed Belgian lobby cards for 60’s pulp movies  and M. Soyer prints that I could probably get some money for were I to sell them?

In between wondering how one person could generate so much paperwork and staring moodily at various paintings I’ve been horrified at the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.

In the old place, I had that horrible 70’s yellow with gold flecks linoleum in both the kitchen and bathroom. Oh, how I hated that stuff.

Turns out, it was good at hiding dirt. It had to get really grungy before it looked like it needed a mopping.

Now, I have white flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, and I swear, every time I exhale it looks like somebody’s  been mud wrestling on it. Ugh.

I’m going to have to resign myself to either mopping once a day or just living with it. Guess it will depend on how busy work gets.

On the bright side, it’s been sunny and warm here in Southern California, so I’ve been exploring the new neighborhood on the bike, and trying to run as many errands as possible on said bike as gas prices are going up again.

I’m currently averaging about 20 miles per day, which will hopefully burn off all the holiday junk food.

I’m trying to scare up some work for next week, but I’m not counting on it. It is January, after all.

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5 Responses

  1. Mary Sue says:

    IKEA LÅSBY rugs. They’re 3 bucks each. I’ve got a line of them in my apartment from the front door to where I store my bike for just this reason.

  2. ironrailsironweights says:

    If you like a particular piece of artwork, keep it, even if by some objective standards it’s not of high quality. Your house is not an art museum.


  3. boskolives says:

    Dirty floor issue? Get your beer goggles© on and it will quickly fade from view. Your milage may vary, but I find that several wine coolers will give you the same results without the subsequent puking.

  4. JohnC says:

    I’ll take the lobby cards off your hands. At least would love to see some pics of them.

  5. Things are slow right now — except for those lucky enough to be on an ongoing show — but pilot season is gearing up fast. Three are in the final count-down phase to launch at Radford, which means more will be coming very soon to a studio near you.

    Enjoy the “gift of time” while you can, to put your new digs in order and explore the neighborhood. The space between jobs (provided it’s not too long, of course…) is a big part of what makes this business worth all the hassel in the first place.

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