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A cold and sleepy Tuesday.

Why is it that the cats (still plural for now) know which days I have to get up in the morning?

I know they know, as they’ll spend half the night before I have an early call hissing at each other.

Not a continuous half, either. They’ll wait until I’ve almost fallen asleep and then start up just long enough for me to have to gain enough consciousness to threaten to kill both of them if they don’t shut the fuck up NOW, then I’ll lay there for what seems like hours, just start to drift off and then it’ll start again.

Furry little bastards.

So today, I showed up for work at 7 am having slept approximately 13 seconds the night before.

Which was fine, I guess, as we didn’t have anything too intense today – we had a few moves (from stage to a park, to another stage, to a parking lot to a third stage), but since we don’t have that much equipment that wasn’t a big deal.

Also, it was cold all day. Objectively cold, not California cold. The site formerly known as bunion has been registering its objection to being forced to move around in such appalling conditions by hurting like hell.

My main problem now is that I came home, looking forward to a nice faceplant into the bed and now I’m so tired I can’t sleep.

I can’t decide if I should drug myself or the cats.

It shouldn’t matter, though. I’m off tomorrow, so tonight will be hiss-free.

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All this internet synchronicity stuff is supposed to make everyone’s lives easier.  Applications talk to each other, share bookmarks, recipes, plans for world domination, etc..

Everything’s automatic, so humanity can waste away our lives playing video games. Or something.

Until it stops working.

Now, all of a sudden, Twitter and Facebook aren’t speaking to one another and despite my telling them to work it out and get over it, there’s still an internet stony silence.

After upgrading my cell plan,  I now have a smart phone (which is turning out not to be all that smart). I’m told that I can do all sorts of things with it, except when it posts something to a blog (this one or the couch blog), Twitter, Facebook and the RSS reader don’t see it.  Also the formatting’s seriously fucked up.

Which sucks, because one of the reasons I got the smart phone was to make updating the blog easier. And to play time-wasting games.

Of course, there’s no way on any of the mobile apps to change this sort of setting, and no matter how hard I press the buttons on the ‘real’ computer, nothing changes.

The ‘smart’ phone also has a battery life of approximately 15 seconds, so instead of uploading clever shit to the internet, I now spend most of my day frantically searching for someplace – anyplace – to charge the damn phone before it dies and I can’t call ‘911’ when some axe murderer appears out of nowhere and attempts to say hello.

Stupid phone. Stupid internet. Stupid technology.

I’d also like to take this time to mention that any ads you see on the blog are placed there by WordPress. I have nothing to do with them, I get nothing from them and I can’t turn them off no matter how hard I try.

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Mid-week photo

Staging area

The problem with placing lights on the muddy shore of a “lake” is that at dusk it’s very, very difficult to tell where the firm mud that one can safely walk on begins and the slippery, oozy guck that offers no purchase  begins.

I seem to have a talent for finding the slippery stuff right when I’ve got a light and a stand in my hands and the gaffer’s looking right at me.

What I really wanted to do when I started simultaneously sinking in the muck and sliding towards questionably clean water was to drop everything and grab onto the nearest tree branch. But that would result in the lamp falling in said muck, which meant I’d have to hike back up the steep hill to the truck to get another light while the entire company waited on my slow ass.

So, I gripped the stand tightly, tried to not think too much about what was or wasn’t in the water and slogged onwards.

Lucky for me the stuff didn’t ooze over the tops of my shoes, because that would have been extra disgusting. Even more disgusting than having to scrape smelly mud off of said shoes at the end of the night.

Wish I’d remembered to get some of the rubber boots they had at the truck.

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Yet another apology.

Lately, I’ve been tired.

Not just regular “I need a nap” tired, but brain-numbingly tired. So wiped out I’m even having trouble composing bon mots on Twitter, let alone blog posts.

I guess it’s post stress letdown – there’s nothing for me to freak out about at the moment (give me time, I’ll find something), so the adrenaline rush that was keeping me animated is gone and now I’m having trouble staying awake past 5 pm.

Also, I’ve been cat sitting, which has been, well, interesting.

The really aggressive hissing and growling has died down (as have the guilt trips and scooting issues) and everyone has come out from their respective hiding places and resumed begging for food.

I’ve got a kitty gate up across the door to the hallway to keep them apart – friend’s cat gets the living room and the kitchen,  my cat gets the bedroom and the bathroom.

Things should be nice and quiet, except that my cat has taken to messing with friend’s cat’s mind.

He badly wants to check her out, but she won’t get near him – except when he’s sitting in the living room near the gate, napping or thinking about whatever it is cats think about.

Then, she’ll sneak up, wait for him to see her and come to the gate, then she’ll hiss and run, leaving the poor guy really confused.

Me: “Stop teasing him! Isn’t it bad enough that he’s afraid of the front door? Don’t make it worse!”


Me: “I don’t care. Knock it off or you’re going to be the daily special at that noodle place around the corner!”

On a completely unrelated note, my next door neighbor now thinks I’m a monster.

Yesterday at work we were in the same set all day (just me and the co-workers, not the neighbor or the cats), which is always nice but uneventful.

Tomorrow, I have to work all night at one of the city’s urban lake things (really a reservoir for rainwater and used condoms). Hopefully it won’t be too cold.


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