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Friday Photo

When I work on production, I wear a headset so my walkie conversations stay within my own department – no one likes an open mic on set. The production office usually has those fast food window headsets that fall off all the time, they don’t work all that well, so most of us spring for the surveillance style headsets.

Headsets connect the ear to the walkie with little cables that are always too long, so there’s usually a loop somewhere that gets caught on stuff.

This happens sometimes, and usually it’s just a yank as one tries to walk away from whatever has one caught, and then a matter of untangling and then everything’s back to normal.

Except the other day, when right after I got caught I couldn’t figure out why my headset no longer worked.

Then, I looked down and saw this:

Rest in peace, headset.

Ripped right out of the plug. What a terrible way to go.

Farewell, headset. I’ll have to replace you the next time I’m in Burbank.

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2 Responses

  1. boskolives says:

    As the location sound guy (aka, the guy with the soldering gun), I often get requests to fix these connectors, it’s usually not a big deal. If more people would run the wire up their back under their t-shirt and come out the collar a few inches from the ear and tuck the excess cable somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine, it would just about end this second income source for me. True, this would likely delay my buying that chalet in the South of France a bit longer, but ces la vie, eh?
    Jerry w.

  2. This gives me one more reason to hate walkie-talkies…

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