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Friday Photo

Prop palm tree

Prop trees are usually just a trunk and the lower few branches, as generally on stage sets, one isn’t looking up at the ceiling.

How much of the tree one sees depends on the set – hence the palm tree with receptacles for additional fronds. Since this particular palm tree is located outside a set window,  we only see the bottom few fronds, so why bother to rent more? No one will ever see them.

Except the crew, of course, and we don’t count.

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3 Responses

  1. Dave2 says:

    So you don’t rent an entire palm tree… you just rent it by the frond? Well that’s bizarre. No more bizarre than anything else in Hollywood, but still…

  2. JCW says:

    It looks like it’s sad since it’s heyday on the Golden Girls patio set passed.

  3. You’re lucky. My show had an immense forest of prop trees, many of which reached the pipe grid. 95% of those branches were far beyond camera range. This made adding new lights back there as frustrating as it is difficult.

    Under normal circumstances, I’m very respectful of other department’s equipment, but when these prop trees are seriously in my way, I have no mercy — I just crush them with my man-lift.

    It’s an idiotic situation. All I can figure is that somebody’s brother-in-law must be running the prop tree rental business…

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