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Typing hurts

I’ve done something to my wrist (no idea what) and typing hurts, so I’ve been taking an internet break to let it get better. It’s almost there. Almost.

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  1. boskolives says:

    I hope you’ll recover soon and keep on posting. As a possible way to go, I will sometimes use the “speak into text” function on my cel because of the “big fingers, small keypad” issue. Not that you need assistance with this, but it’s also great because it’s sometimes strange in the way it creates its own malaprops that make me seem like a funnier guy. I believe there’s some program with “Dragon” in the title for the Mac that will do this, and maybe also for PC computers as well. This could be the source of material for some comedians, and might explain why Bill Hicks spoke the way he did.

  2. geekhiker says:

    Have you been using a wrap or anything on it while you’ve been resting it? They’ve helped me in the past, especially while sleeping, to prevent me from doing anything too silly and keeping the injury aggravated…

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