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Eye update

Turns out there’s one motion picture clinic open on Sunday, which is great, especially since it’s conveniently located in West Bumfuck.

So I hopped in the car, drove over, got into see a doctor and was told that they didn’t really know what was wrong, but they guessed that something had gotten under my goggles.

Awesome. I couldn’t have figured that one out on my own.

The solution was a shot of Benadryl in the ass and a prescription for some sort of goo which I guess helps as my eyes are still red and a little itchy, but not as bad and the swelling has gone down so I look less like something out of a horror movie, which is good.

Monday at work went well – it was good to see everyone again and I had a good day, even if my feet did hurt from walking laps. It’ll get better. I’m just not used to it yet.

I also need to make an appointment to get new orthotics since the ones I have now are worn out.

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  1. Marci Liroff says:

    I have the best podiatrist! LOVE HER! I’ve seen lots of others too. She takes Motion Picture Health. If you go, pls tell her I sent you. Dr. Nasim Kalhor 818-905-2222 (you will thank me!)
    Hope your eyes get better soon!

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