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A nice change of pace

Most of what I’ve been doing at work lately is standing around on the same set with the same people doing the same thing – which is fine, as they’re extra wonderful people and I’m happy every day that I get to see them, but on the other hand it doesn’t leave me much to write home about.

Except today, when I got a call to go rig on another show, with people I’ve never met before (and who, of course, turned out to be wonderful and lots of fun to work with).

On this particular set, all the heavy cable had been run already, so mostly what we were doing was wiring up wall outlets and making sure the practicals (lamps that appear in the set) all had the appropriate globes. There was no particular hurry, as the set we were working in wasn’t scheduled to shoot for another week.

Until my boss got a text – production had changed the schedule at the last minute, and the set that they were going to shoot next week was now on the schedule for tomorrow.

Said set had no dimmer power, no dimmer packs (the things that make the dimmer lines dimmable), three practical lamps that we hadn’t figured out how to power yet (set design run amok), and while all this would have been easy to do in a week, now we had to get it all done before the end of our studio-mandated 10 hour day (overtime is evil, even if it’s to cover higher-ups’ incompetence) .

After a moment where we all stared at each other and tried not to let panic take over, panic took over and we spent the rest of the day running around like the Keystone Kops in order to get the set ready.

Luckily, we did it (except that there’s no dimmer power, but as a very wise man once said, you can’t always get what you want), and hopefully I’ll get a call back from the very nice bunch of folks.

I’m back to standing on set tomorrow, also with wonderful people.

Yay work!

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