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Friday Photo


Afternoon sun on giant rolls of bubble wrap at our location.

It never occurred to me that bubble wrap came in giant rolls. There were some jokes about wrapping our lights on the roof of the building by throwing them down on said rolls, but we figured that the warehouse owner would find out who did it.

In other news, I’ve been sick with the seasonal bronchitis I seem to get every fall. I’ve been working, which is good, but I’ve also got this really horrible dry hacking cough which alarms my co-workers and anyone else who is in a 20 foot radius.

Running around in old warehouses and abandoned department stores (photo post coming as soon as I don’t feel like crap) can’t be helping.

I’ve been getting up, going to work, coming home and falling asleep right away, which isn’t helping me get better and is making me a worse blogger than usual.

I think the worst of it is over as of today – I’m still coughing, but I feel better.

Not good, but better. As of right now, I’m off work until Wednesday, and although it’s super busy I think I’ll just take the time off and rest instead of trying to drum up another night in a warehouse downtown.

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3 Responses

  1. boskolives says:

    That dry hacking non-productive (no chunks of phlegm to spit out) cough stuff has been around for a while, I’m on week four with no sign of it going away so far. The bright side of it is that if you go see the Matt Damon film “Contagion”, after the first few minutes you can count on having a huge chunk of the auditorium to yourself.
    Lots of liquids, sleep, yatta yatta yatta, not much seems to help but here’s another bonus, you might lose some weight since most food takes on the flavor of rotting tree bark.

    Jerry, still mixing while trying to suppress a cough.

  2. FlyByNight says:

    Random suggestion – I used to get a dry cough that would last for weeks and weeks after a cold. A doctor finally gave me a mild asthma inhaler for it, and that would clear it up within 24 hours. Might be worth asking about. (That one inhaler got me through years of colds, although I may have outgrown that tendency by now. I’m still on the medical center’s asthma mailing list, though…)

    That bubble wrap looks like so much fun. I knew that packing peanuts come in industrial-sized bags about that large, but I haven’t seen bubble wrap on an industrial scale before. The bags of peanuts are fun – despite being too large for me to wrap my arms around and longer than a small car, they weigh only a few pounds. You can carry as many as you can physically hold on to, or fling them at co-workers.

  3. ironrailsironweights says:

    I once saw this Japanese video in which a naked young woman was completely encased in layers of bubble wrap, except for one hole for breathing and another hole … you know, I’d better stop here.


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