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A day for old times’ sake

I haven’t worked a 14 hour day in a long time. I’ve been spending most of my time on a show which simply doesn’t allow days that long (anything that gets even close to 12 hours results in screaming fits from the producer), so I’m not used to it anymore, which means my feet aren’t used to it any more, either.

Guess what I did yesterday?

After a cross-town drive which took forever due to rain and the President being in town (not sure which is worse, traffic wise), I found myself on a set with actual tile floors, instead of just linoleum that looks like it might be tile.

In case you’ve never had to stand around for 14 hours, I can assure you that the harder flooring materials are much more painful towards the end of the day.  I was just about to limping stage when I was walking to my car after we finally wrapped.

This show has pretty small sets (as sets go), which makes it harder to move around with equipment, even though everyone was really good about playing nice and giving right of way to anyone carrying anything heavy – and the folks who move video village around were very good about trying to keep it out of the way – normally, they put up the video monitors and chairs in the worst place possible (blocking doors, blocking staging areas, etc…)

The crew, though are a great group of folks, which is wonderful. I’m back again today – hopefully it won’t be quite 14 hours.

Call time: 10 am.

Wrap time 1:30 am.

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